Anti-burglar and safety glass

Anti-burglar and safety glass

Anti-burglary and safety glass

broken window

Safety glass made from two glass panes of 3mm thickness, combined with one anti-burglary foil. Can be used in configuration, safety glass from the inside or safty glass from the inside, or safety glass from both sides. The biggest advantage of this glass is that the glass doesn’t shatter when smashed. the glass is kept in the foil and doesn’t endanger anyone. Often used in places where the windows are mounted low or in places where children have access.


 – built from two float glass panes both 4 mm of width, combined with two ( P2 glass) or four (P4 glass) antianti-burglary foils. It’s a lot more resistent to being hit with heavy objects. Receommended to use in places that are exposed to being hit, best combined with anti-burglary fittings class RC1 or RC2. Similiar to safety glass, the panes dont shatter so the possibility of cutting is lower.

Both types can be used together with Ornamental, reflexive or triple thermal insulation glass



level of security use
P1A They prevent injuries by broken glass, difficult to break the glass when the window or door is suddenly closed. Residential areas, schools, offices, production facilities:

  • indoor doors
  • windows on the floors
  • windows on the ground floor.
P2A Prevent hurting. Can gain time when somebody tries to break in. Kiosks, freestanding houses, windows of the block of flats, hotels and offices, low value shopping centers, sports halls.
P3A, P4A Make it difficult to break in, can be used instead of bars of 150 mm width, made of steel wires with a diameter of 10 mm. Hotel and office lounges, high-value commercial buildings, villas, pharmacies.
P5A, P6B Enclosures with increased burglar resistance can replace a bar grate made of steel bars of 12 mm diameter. Museums, antique shops, art galleries, banks operating rooms, exchange offices, high value stores, exclusive villas.
P7B, P8B Panes with high burglar resistance, can replace bar gratings made of steel rods of 16 mm diameter. Zakłady i sklepy jubilerskie, banki, obiekty specjalne, wystawy obiektów handlowych o dużej wartości chronionej.