Sectional garage door Termo 60mm

Sectional garage door with excellent thermal performances

Sectional garage door Termo 60mm


Sectional garage door Termo 60mm is a product distinguished by excellent thermal properties. It is a great choice for those looking for a garage door for passive and energy-saving buildings. Thanks to a special construction, the garage door Termo 60mm effectively limits heat loss and reduces noise while being extremely durable and easy to operate. The garage door cover consists of panels that guarantee a high level of safety and protection against finger pinching. 60 mm thick panels used in the gate are available in heights: 500 mm and 610 mm selected according to the height of the opening. The panel walls are made of steel, lacquered and hot-dip galvanised sheets. Their filling is CFC-free polyurethane foam and the bottom panel is fitted with a sliding seal. Thanks to the way it opens (opens vertically upwards), the Termo 60mm garage door leaves a free surface in the building and in front of it. The Termo 60mm garage door provides the maximum level of stability through the use of 1.5mm thick vertical and horizontal guides fitted with steel accessories. The shaft springs are extremely strong and the area around the door is protected by a system of permanent seals.



The Termo 60mm sectional garage door provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Thanks to the use of filling made of special CFC-free polyurethane foam with a thickness of 60 mm and flexible seals resistant to weather conditions, the Termo 60mm sectional garage door effectively limits the transfer of heat. The characteristic properties of this door make it an ideal choice for customers looking for a durable and aesthetic garage door for energy-efficient and passive buildings.


Termo 60mm garage door is a product characterised by high aesthetics and the possibility of matching to any type of building. The model is manufactured to individual size and has all the certificates required by law. A wide range of colours makes it easy to match the door to other elements of the building.


The Termo 60mm gate allows you to save space inside and outside, thanks to the way it opens vertically upwards. The opening system can be manual or motorised by using an electric drive. The gate is characterised by very comfortable operation, and a number of safety features reduce the risk of accidents.