The Smart Box blind

Modern self-supporting blind system

The Smart Box blind


Smart Box is a high quality self-supporting blind equipped with an electric drive available in both exposed and built-in versions. This roller blind is a technical solution using running rails, on which the whole weight of the armouring lies. Thanks to the possibility of installing an integrated insect screen, this solution meets the highest expectations in terms of user comfort. The upper profile of the self-supporting blind, together with the lamella package, is placed in the already completed covering cassette. In the built-in variant, the cassette is “hidden” under the building facade and is completely invisible when the blind is fully raised. This variant is intended for newly constructed buildings, as this type of blind can be fitted at the construction stage. The built-in version, on the other hand, can have up to 10 mm of hardened polystyrene on the front and back side at the same time. With this option, the cassette is invisible. The standard height of the blind covering box can be chosen from 4 available options: 190 mm, 220 mm, 260 mm, 300 mm. The maximum blind size achievable is 4000 mm (from 2.4 m to 4 m supplemented with a reinforcement profile).



The Smart Box self-supporting blind is distinguished from other products available on the market by its high level of use. Equipped with a purely electric drive (no possibility of manual control), it allows lowering, raising and tilting of the lamellas using a high-quality motor. The possibility to place the control elements of the blinds anywhere provides unlimited possibilities of arranging the space inside the room. Thanks to the use of special technological solutions, it was possible to significantly reduce the noise of the blinds resulting from their lowering, tilting and raising.


The Smart Box self-supporting blind is a product that provides high thermal and acoustic properties. The blind effectively reduces external noise levels and provides a high thermoregulatory and protective effect. The product has wind resistance class 3 or 4 (depending on the type of lamellas), and an additional thermal resistance ΔR of 0.08 (m2.K/W). The total solar energy transfer coefficient gtot for Smart Box blinds is 0.032 – 0.094 (according to the selected lamella colour).

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The Smart Box is a technically advanced self-supporting blind system with high aesthetic qualities controlled by an electric drive. The product offers a high degree of shading and the lower profile is made of extruded aluminium. There is a choice of up to 13 variants of adjustable running slats and a wide selection of colours. The cassette, bottom and runners can be made in DECORAL or RAL colours. In addition, an insect screen can be integrated into the blind.

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