System MB-77HS

The warmest and most stable HST door

System MB-77HS


Aluprof MB-77 HS is a lift and slide door system ideal for those seeking a perfect combination of a house with a terrace or winter garden. The door construction is based on the widest available frame of 174 mm (2-rail system) or 271 mm (3-rail system) and 77 mm wide sliding sashes. This ensures incredible structural stability and user comfort. The sashes can reach a weight of up to 400 kg, height of up to 3.2 m and width of 3.3 m, which makes it possible to manufacture doors of significant dimensions. Thus the MB-77 HS doors fit perfectly into modern architectural trends, as the space we obtain is very spacious and additionally functional. An interesting solution is the possibility to make a corner development of the MB-77 HS door, where after sliding the door leaves open space in the corner without any posts. A huge advantage of the MB-77 HS system is its excellent thermal insulation. The system is designed so as to allow the use of very wide glazing packages, even up to 58 mm.



Due to the specially designed combination of frame, sash and threshold, the MB-77 HS Lift&Slide doors are perfectly airtight and thus protect the house against wind and water. Thermal breaks eliminate the effects of the thermal bridge. The large width of the frame and sash as well as the possibility of using very wide glazing packages ensure that the doors achieve an excellent thermal insulation coefficient. The MB077 HS system may be additionally equipped with the HI thermal insert in the middle chamber, thus further improving the thermal performance of the construction. The MB-77 HS lift and slide door using triple glazing with a Ug=0.5 W/m2K coefficient achieves a thermal transmittance coefficient of Uw=0.84 W/m2k. This result is ahead of all competition.

The best thermal insulation. The MB-77HS lift and slide door system. Profilnet Tarnowskie Gory Slask Zabrze Gliwice

It is possible to design doors up to 6 metres wide. From one to as many as 4 wings can move in the door. Two types of thresholds allow you to choose a solution tailored to your needs. All this makes it possible to perfectly manage the space of your home and surroundings.

Excellent functionality. The MB-77HS lift and slide door system. Profilnet Tarnowskie Gory Slask Zabrze Gliwice

A door sash can weigh up to 400 kg, yet with the right hardware it is comfortable to use without feeling its weight. The sash may be operated manually as well as by means of automation. As a standard, the door is equipped with a low threshold with thermal breaks, which is sunk in the concrete floor.

Comfortable to use. The MB-77HS lift and slide door system. Profilnet Tarnowskie Gory Slask Zabrze Gliwice

The MB-HS 77 lift and slide door is perfectly solid and stable. It is not necessary to look for special solutions stiffening the construction in order to be able to build large areas in houses, flats or hotels. This has a very positive effect on lighting the interiors of rooms and fits in with the trends of modern construction.

Durability and stability. The MB-77HS lift and slide door system. Profilnet Tarnowskie Gory Slask Zabrze Gliwice

The MB-77 HS doors combine very well with the MB-86 door-and-window system, which makes it possible to design the entire house joinery in an easy and aesthetic way. The door can be combined with an upper fanlight, in a corner construction or with fixed glazing. Their use in winter gardens is also a good solution.

Combining with other systems. The MB-77HS lift and slide door system. Profilnet Tarnowskie Gory Slask Zabrze Gliwice



frame 174 mm (2-track system, 271 mm (3-track system) | 77 mm sash


Standard glazing package 4/18/4/18/4 Ug=0.5 W/m2K, warm Swisspacer frame | Possibility of using glazing unit from 14-60 mm | Choice of glazing: safe, toughened, anti-burglary, anti-sun, acoustic, ornament and internal glazing bar. It is recommended that, as in every door system, safety glass be used on the inside or on both sides.


Special GU or Hau Tau hardware for use with sliding doors. For constructions exceeding a sash weight of 200 kg, the use of automation is recommended.


Standard equipped with a stainless steel handle with a long stem for comfortable and trouble-free operation.


Standard colors RAL
Special colors RAL
Metallic finishes
Wood-like styling