Schüco LivIng 82 MD

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Schüco LivIng 82 MD


The Schüco LivIng 82 MD window is an offer for all those who look for a window refined in every detail. A characteristic feature of these windows are primarily excellent thermal parameters. The window with a very warm triple glazing package Ug = 0,5 W/m2K, can achieve a thermal transmittance coefficient Uw = 0,72 W/m2K, which classifies them for use in passive houses. The Schüco LivIng 82 MD window consists of a 7-chamber frame and sash with an installation width of 82 mm and a low-set triple glazing packet equipped with the Swiss Spacer warm frame. In addition, the window is the only one with standard EPDM thermally welded gaskets, which make it perfectly airtight and durable, and perfectly finished in the corners. Worth noting is the widest palette of colours.



The Schüco LivIng 82 MD window achieves excellent thermal parameters thanks to its carefully designed construction. The achieved thermal insulation value of Uw=0,72 W/m2k means that it can be successfully used in passive houses. In this model, high quality EPDM gaskets have been used (material of the highest quality, which thanks to its excellent properties is used in medicine, aviation and automotive industry, among others). The use of innovative EPDM gaskets translates not only into high thermal properties, but also contributes to excellent acoustics. The innovative sealing technology in the package with noise-protective glazing ensures excellent acoustic insulation of up to 47 dB.

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The Schüco LivIng 82 MD is the only window on the market equipped with specially designed EPDM heat seals with the so-called shape memory. The type of material used and the way it is connected in the corners of the window makes these windows perfectly tight, and at the same time, after 15 years of use, the seals still retain 85% of their original deformation properties. For comparison, other gaskets retain only 15% of their properties after such a period.


Standard LivIng windows are equipped with handles Akustik by Schüco, which are characterized by a unique design, colours and high comfort of use. Schüco handles are some of the best available on the market.

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The high quality of the material used, the straight contours of the frame, sash and trim, the low-set seals, and above all the ideal execution of the invisible connection of the Schüco LivIng 82 MD window in the corner, underline its modern form.

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