Sectional garage door Standard 40mm

High quality aesthetic sectional garage door

Sectional garage door Standard 40mm


Sectional garage doors Standard 40mm is extremely easy to use and at the same time durable and safe. With a timeless, modern form and a large possibility of personalization through the choice of embossments, structures and colors will perfectly fit into the individual style of any building. Due to its characteristics, this door is ideal for use in residential buildings, detached garages, and all kinds of utility rooms. Panels with a thickness of 60 mm are available in heights: 500 mm, 555 mm (555 mm panel available only in some colors) and 610 mm, selected according to the height of the opening. Panel walls are made of lacquered hot-dip galvanized steel sheets. The panels are filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam. The lower panel of the door is equipped with a gasket that slides into the panel. The door opens vertically upwards leaving free space inside and outside the building. The Standard 40mm door is manufactured to individual size and has all legally required certificates.



The sectional garage door Standard 40mm is distinguished by a very high level of safety and allows for maximum reduction in the risk of accidents. It has been equipped with numerous protections such as e.g. anti-crushing panels, protection against falling of the door due to broken springs or broken cables. It is also possible to retrofit the door with photocells and additional edge protection. The curtain of the Standard 40mm door consists of panels constructed in a way that prevents crushing fingers. The stable supporting structure is made of 1.5 mm thick vertical and horizontal guides with steel accessories.


The sectional garage door Standard 40mm is distinguished by its durability. By using the highest quality materials, this product guarantees trouble-free operation for many years. The garage door is made of panels made of durable metal sheet, torsion springs with 20,000 cycles and construction made of steel accessories. 20 000 cycles and construction made of galvanized steel.


The sectional garage door Standard 40mm is distinguished by its ease of use in all weather conditions. Manual opening of the door is easy thanks to the use of a drive shaft with torsion springs balancing the door weight. A reliable electric automatic allows you to enter the garage without having to get out of the car.