Window-frame mounted Exte Elite XT

Window-frame mounted Exte Elite XT


The window-frame Exte Elite XT system like the Expert XT is inside one shuttter box, it allows the use of both internal and frontal revision. An additional advantage of the Elite XT system is the possibility of using a frontal revision that gives the possiblity of entirely hidding the internal part of the shutter.


System Elite XT frontal revision


System Elite XT internal revision


System Elite XT outside revision

The undisputed and distinguishing feature of this system on the market is the possibility of using an integrated shutter box. The shutter is located inside the box, and the box can be hidden entirely. In other popular solutions the box is always mounted on the facade of the building thus being always visible.

The system fulfills all requirements of the EnEV 2014 standard.

The advantage of this system is also the possibility of using an integrated window and door mosquito net. It is worth emphasizing the location of the mosquito net that is between the window and the armor. Especially noteworthy is the comfortable solution of an integrated door mosquito net that folds to the lateral guide.


Window Mosquito Net


New: Door Mosquito net

The system has many advantages, which are described more extensively in the Product highlights tab

Product highlights

Wide choice of revision within a single box

Exte Elite XT can be use any revision, front-to-bottom, inner and outer, which gives unlimited possibilities. Everything is designed in a single box. No other box on the market has so many solutions.


Possibility to use integrated blind into roller shutter box

The unmatched advantage of the Exte Elite XT system is the ability to use an integrated blind shutter box. This is a more and more fashionable solution for use in both residential and commercial buildings. The Elite XT system makes it possible to fully integrate the roller shutter box and access it from the outside.


Plastic carrier

The roller shutter box can be completely zinked. Very useful for such solutions are aluminum or PVC angles.


Rich color scheme

Roller blinds can be made in virtually unlimited color palettes, as many as 130 different color foils options are available in any configuration.


Durable and fast connection to the window

With the Exte Elite XT, the adapter that connects the shutter to the window is dedicated to every window system, thanks to this it perfectly satisfies and meets the thermal requirements. The adapter is mounted on the window frame and then inserted into the latch box (click). Which is convenient and time saving.


Static roller-shutter-window connection

A relevant element during assembly is the static connection. It is all the more important with wider designs. Available is the static steel reinforcement between windows and roller shutters, which makes the problem-free execution even wider roller shutters possible.


Insect reppelling shutter

The solution of a integrated insect-repelling shutter is becoming increasingly popular. On warm summer days the insect reppelling shutter can be left down the entire time and this way become an unbreachable obstacle for insects. The insect shutter can be hidden at any time by one move of the hand. It is a superior solution to the frame mosquito net because of their fragile construction they often end up breaking and need to be exchanged at least twice a year. And because of their build they take up a lot of room space compared to the integrated insect-repelling shutter. The integrated insect-repelling shutter does not cause any issues when using the normal shutters either. The gray color of the net perfectly flushes with the color scheme of the construction.


Door mosquito net in the guide

The revolutionary solution is the introduction of a door mosquito net which is integrated into the lateral guide. This is an excellent comfort solution, for example, for patio or balcony doors, including Stulp, because to lower or lift the mosquito net you do not have to stoop, just pull it and move with one hand.


Energy efficiency

Roller shutters are a great thermal solution for buildings. Exte Elite XT blinds comply with all requirements of EnEV 2014 and are backed by certificates.



Box and guide colors:

Standard: Dark oak, Mahogany Sapeli, Mahogany, Golden Oak, Walnut, Swamp mahogany, Anthracite

Non-standard: Moss green, Dark green, Anthracite smooth, Silver gray, Rosewood, Chocolate brown, Oak special, Bright Oak, Oregon 3, Gray oak, Dark oak, Sierra, Douglas fir, Pine mountain, Swamp moss (Weru) Macro, Montana, Natural Oak, Spruce Spruce, Black Cherry, Rosewood, Gray Asphalt, Old Cedar, Rubin Red, Red Wine, Bright Red, Dark Red, Ice Cream B, Ultramarine, Blue Black, blue brilliant, blue cobalt, blue steel, light green, gray signal, gray basalt, gray slate, dark gray smooth, gray cement, gray graphite, gray stone, gray agate, gray quartz, gray blue, gray light, dark chestnut, Oregon 4

Also available in all colors from the RAL palettes (custom option).

Standard colors for boxes and guides
Non-standard colors for boxes and guides
Standard colors of armor and lower strips

Standard for strips: White 01, Silver (natural ALU) 07, Jamaican 30, Bright gray 02, Gray anthracite 82

Standard for armor: White 01, Silver (natural ALU) 07, Bronze SF 21, Light gray 02, Gray anthracite 38

Non-standard colors of armor and lower strips

Non-standard for lower strips: White Finish (RAL 9010), Gray Aluminum (RAL 9007), Deep Black (9005), White Pearl (RAL 9001), Black Brown (RAL 8022), Brown Bronze (RAL 8017), Bronze (RAL 8007) Gray Loose (RAL 7035), Gray Ral (RAL 7022), Gray Ral (RAL 7022), Gray Ral Gray (RAL 7004), Silver Gray (RAL 7001), Brown (RAL 6768), Green Fir (RAL 6009), Green Moss (RAL 6005) Red Wine (RAL 3005), Purple (RAL 3004), Ivory (RAL 1015), White (RAL 9016), Silver (RAL 9006), Gray Brown (RAL 8019)

Non-standard for armors: White 10, Cream white 27, Ivory 84, Sand 35, Bright beige 04, Light gray 23, Gray aluminum 85, Quartz gray 43, Umbra-gray 94, Purple 14, Green moss 13, steel 39, velvety brown 03

* Armors in non-standard colors are valued on individual request.

Wood-like styling for armor and lower strips

Wood-like foil finish finishes **: Golden oak (2178001), Walnut (2178007)

Wood-like colors for armor: Irish oak 82, Golden oak 22, Teak 12, Walnut 86, Mahogany 81

** Roller shutters in wood-like colors are valued at the individual request.