PROLUXA Lamellar Pergola

The perfect solution for protection from the sun and other weather conditions

PROLUXA Lamellar Pergola


Our PROLUXA Aluminium Lamellar Pergola system offers the perfect solution for protection from the sun and other weather conditions. With the ability to control lamellas on the roof, you can regulate the sunlight in a self-contained or automated manner.

The PROLUXA Pergola‘s slim and modern design and wide choice of powder-coated colours blend in perfectly with the mass of any building, creating a harmonised whole. It can be installed as a stand-alone, free-standing solution in the garden or on a terrace, or attached to the wall of a building using an adaptor profile. The PROLUXA Lamellar Pergola made of aluminium is more weather-resistant than wood, and its lamellar roof effectively protects against rain unlike other material solutions.

A great advantage of the PROLUXA Lamellar Pergola is that it can also be individually arranged to suit your needs. Among other things, such as frameless sliding systems with all-glass panels or ZIP fabric covers. In addition, LED lighting or radiant heat can be added. The control system can be integrated with sun, rain, snow and wind sensors, which can be operated via remote control or mobile app.

The PROLUXA Lamellar Pergola is also the ideal combination of living space and garden, creating a place where you can spend time comfortably throughout most of the year.


Modern shapes and solutions

The PROLUXA Lamellar Pergola, unlike the canopies or winter gardens we often see, has a simple body, which fits in with the trends of today’s architecture. Thanks to internal channels and downpipes, rainwater is effectively drained away in the supporting posts. The narrow aluminium profiles and lightweight slatted roof, emphasise its unprecedented lightness. The option of fitting a raised roof extension conceals the opening lamellas and actuators.

Can be used all year round

The PROLUXA Pergola can be used all year round. In summer, it protects us effectively from the sun, wind and rain. In spring, autumn or even in winter, it can be equipped with radiant heaters to ensure a comfortable stay under the pergola on colder days. LED lighting integrated into the roof promotes the possibility of relaxing also in the evenings.

Effective protection against sun, rain, wind and insects.

The PROLUXA Pergola provides comprehensive protection from the sun, rain and wind. In the case of the roof, this is ensured by aluminium lamellas, which, unlike fabric, are airtight and do not allow water to pass through. The angle of the lamellas can be freely adjusted from 0 to 110 degrees, depending on the sunshine and personal preference. Side protection from rain, wind or sun is provided by Slide Glass all-glass sliding systems or ZIP covers. These covers also protect against insects, which is particularly important in summer. Both the Slide Glass system and the ZIP screen can be made in the same colour as the PROLUXA Pergola.


The PROLUXA Pergola is made of durable aluminium, which requires neither maintenance nor care, unlike pergolas often made of wood. The powder coating on the aluminium profiles ensures the durability of the construction for many years. The automation of the pergola is hidden in the so-called dry pole, which effectively protects it from the effects of weather.

Quick and easy installation anywhere

The PROLUXA Pergola is a self-supporting structure, so it can be installed virtually anywhere regardless of its position. Each Pergola is made to measure in any colour, with individual fittings chosen by its user. Speed and ease of assembly are also its undoubted advantages. Pergolas can be made up to a width of 7 metres.


ZIP type sunshade

ZIP type vertical sunshade systems are the most commonly chosen solution for pergolas. The box and guides of the ZIP sunshade areflush to the pergola structure and are manufactured in the same colour, creating a visually uniform unit. The fabrics are available in more than a dozen colours and in 4 light transparency classes. An additional advantage of the ZIP cover is protection from wind and insects. They can be made up to a width of 6 metres without the need to divide them. The comfort of their use is ensured by the possibility of controlling them with a remote control, an app and they can also be integrated with a sun sensor.

More information – ZIP

All-glass sliding system - Slide Glass

If you want the sides of the pergola to be enclosed by a vertical glass partition, then the Slide Glassall-glass frameless sliding system is the ideal solution. The system is constructed with 3, 4 or 5 all-glass wings sliding each other on independent tracks. The frame is very low and made in the colour of the pergola. The sashes can be interlocked and locked from the inside providing a greater degree of security. 10 mm temperedglass is fitted as standard, ensuring the safety of users as well as providing effective protection against wind. The structure is optically very light, which makes it a perfect complement to the PROLUXA Pergola.

More information – Slide Glass

LED lighting

LED lighting can be placed around the pergola or on the rotating roof lamellas. Special profiles allow the lighting to be aesthetically combined with the pergola. There is a choice of lighting in cold and warm tones.

Radiant heaters

A radiant heating system is a modern and safe way of heating. In pergolas, it is usually mounted on two opposite sides of the structure or to the gutter profiles. The wiring is completely concealed. There is a choice of radiant heaters in white or black. The radiant heaters are controlled by remote control. When purchasing radiant heaters, it is recommended to purchase vertical covers to accumulate heat inside the pergola.

Wind, rain, snow and sun sensor

The operation of the PROLUXA Pergola’s moving elements can be fully automated according to changing weather conditions. Depending on the level of sunshine, sun sensors can automatically adjust the angle of the roof or the retraction level of the ZIP cover. Rain, wind and snow sensors ensure that the Pergola closes or opens safely in adverse conditions.

Convenient radio or app control

The integrated control system, available via both remote control and mobile app, provides convenience and comfort. It allows independent control of the moving roof lamellas, lighting, ZIP covers and radiant heaters.