Imperial 65

The most cost-effective, warm, three-chamber system, ideal for constructing doors and display cabinets with high thermal insulation parameters.

Imperial 65


Imperial 65 is a three-chamber system intended for constructing exterior doors, windows and shop windows of various types. The 24 mm wide thermal break used in the profiles is made of polyamide enriched with multidirectionally oriented glass fibre, which significantly improves the mechanical strength of the profile’s external and internal chambers. The thermal break is additionally equipped with a Coex sealing line, which creates reliable insulation and perfect sealing during the burnout process of the powder-painted profiles.

Thanks to the large width of the profiles: 65 mm (window frames, door frames, mullions, door wings) and 74 mm (window wings) and a wall thickness of 1.7÷2.0 mm, a solid, firm profile has been obtained, allowing for the construction of doors with maximum wing dimensions: 1200 mm wide and 2400 mm high. The use of branded hardware and a wide range of threshold solutions makes the system very modern and versatile. Imperial 65 system allows for the construction of many different types of windows and doors, depending on the scope of application and specific requirements concerning functionality, thermal insulation and aesthetics of the structure. The windows meet the requirements for burglar resistance in class RC3.



Imperial 65 is the most favourably priced warm three-chamber system on the market. This system is ideal for constructing doors and windows with high thermal insulation parameters. Imperial 65 is an insulated window and door system that enables the construction of various types of windows and doors, also in the IP i+ version with improved thermal parameters, making it possible to achieve the thermal insulation value of Uf = 1.28 W/m2K through the use of special thermal inserts inserted between the thermal breaks and around the glass. The depth of the frame in this system is 65 mm and the depth of the leaf is 74 mm. When choosing Imperial 65 system you can be sure that you choose the most cost-effective solution available on the market.

Korzystna cena. Okna i drzwi Imperial 65. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Sosnowiec Zabrze

Imperial 65 offers a wide range of design options, from outward opening windows (IP OUT) and hidden sash windows (IP SU), through sliding and pivot systems with vertical or horizontal pivot, to doors with improved thermal insulation properties, inward or outward opening. Imperial 65 gives you many options to make the most of your building’s potential and adapt it to your needs.


Windows and doors in Imperial 65 system are available in all RAL colours. They can also be made in Aliplast Wood Colour Effect palette, which perfectly reflects the beauty of wood-like colours, and in Decoral system, which includes wood-like colours, imitations of marble, granite and other patterns. An interesting solution is also the possibility of creating a two-colour construction, where profiles on the external and internal side may have a different colour. Available profile solutions guarantee the required aesthetics and durability of the construction. In addition, profile drainage is available in two variants: invisible and traditional, and a wide range of glazing allows the use of all types of glass: single, double, acoustic or burglarproof.

Bogata kolorystyka. Okna i drzwi do domów pasywnych Star 90. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry.




Frame: 65 mm | Door leaf: 74 mm


standard package 4/16/4 Ug=1,1 W/m2K, warm Swisspacer frame | Possibility of using glazing unit from 4-51 mm | Choice of glass: safe, tempered, anti-burglary, anti-sun, acoustic, ornament


GU | Additionally the window equipped with: anti-burglary hooks, sash lift, microventilation and lock of incorrect handle position. A 1-point lock or GU Secury fitting with 3-point locking can be used in the door. It is possible to purchase windows and doors in safety class RC 1 and RC 2.


Windows - as standard: aluminium Hoppe Secustic handles in the following colours: silver, white 9016, brown 8019, anthracite 7016, matt black 9005, gold, inox. | Entrance doors - stainless steel handles and pulls as standard.


IP I | IP I+

Solution available in Imperial window system.

The construction of IP i, IP i+ systems is based on the proven, extended and valued Imperial base system. High thermal parameters have been obtained through the use of special inserts, inserted between the thermal breaks and around the glass pane.


IP SU single-sash window with hidden sash


IP OUT outward opening window

IP 800 i | IP 800 i+

Solution available in Imperial 800 door system

System Imperial 800 is a three-chamber door system with thermal insulation, which is an extension of the IP system. Like the Superial 75 system, Imperial 800 is also equipped with adaptive profiles which make it possible to integrate structures from this series into Imperial 65 showcases. The depth of the leaf and frame in the door solution is 65 mm. In addition, we can opt for a thermally insulated threshold, which further improves the thermal performance of the construction.