An innovative system of high-quality wind-resistant fabric covers



Zip is an innovative sun protection system made of high quality fabric that protects against sunlight and provides an appropriate level of shading. Unlike vertical blinds, the Zip is equipped with side guides along which the fabric is guided by a system of zips. This type of solution makes the fabric constantly tight and resistant to strong winds (even up to 160 km/h). A wide selection of fabrics differing in the degree of shading, colours and texture of the fabric means that Zip can be easily adjusted to meet specific customer expectations. The small box allows both over-plaster and under-plaster installation. The flush-mounted box allows installation under insulation from a thickness of 15 cm without the need to retract the thermal insulation lintel. This product enables the creation of very large and clear shading areas, up to 18 m2 and a maximum width of 600 cm.



Zip is the perfect solution for all those who seek effective protection from glare while maintaining their visibility outdoors. This type of solution perfectly absorbs and reflects solar energy and UV radiation which is directly translated into, among other things, costs related to air-conditioning the room in summer. Thanks to a wide range of personalisation options, the Zip screen makes it possible to create a suitable atmosphere inside the room, and as a result it has a direct impact on emotions and temperature perception. The Zip blind is also ideal as protection against glare in places with computer workstations.

Ochrona przed oślepianiem i wysoką temperaturą. Roleta Zip. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice Częstochowa

Thanks to its innovative construction, the Zip screen offers a high level of stability and wind protection (wind load class 6 according to DIN 13659). By using zipped closing guides, it provides effective resistance to wind speeds of up to 160 km/h. No additional safety measures, e.g. costly wind sensors, are required.

Odporność na wiatr. Roleta Zip. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice Częstochowa

The Zip cover offers great scope for personalisation. Thanks to the innovative composite materials by Serge Ferrari, it is possible to choose from many fabrics differing in colour and degree of shading. The 23 colours available in the range give the opportunity to customise the cover to suit the individual style of the building and its interior. The Zip screen is a fashionable accessory which, in addition to its high functionality, has a decorative and architectural function.

Personalizacja. Roleta Zip. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice Częstochowa

The innovative design of the Zip screen makes it ideal for large areas of up to 18 m² and a maximum width of 600 cm. At this size, the cover maintains a maximum level of stability and full functionality, while at the same time being extremely easy to care for, thanks to its special fabrics for draining water and dirt.

Duże powierzchnie. Roleta Zip. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice Częstochowa

The Zip cover is conveniently operated using radio-controlled drives. The operation of the blinds using appropriate drives can also be automated as part of Smart Home solutions. The roller blind can react to the changing light and adjust in an appropriate manner even in the absence of household members.

Komfortowa obsługa. Roleta Zip. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice Częstochowa


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