Schüco Corona CT 70

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Schüco Corona CT 70


The Schüco Corona CT70 Classic window was introduced on the market a few years ago, since then it gathered a large amount of followers. The window is characterized by great thermal insulation properties thanks to the wide frame and sash (70 mm) with triple glazing option. The classic form of the profiles and low placed gaskets fulfill all the expectations of modern architacture. The windows can be manufactured in a rich color palette. An especially important factor is the possiblity to manufacture the windows in metalic varnish adapted from the automotive industry (AutomotiveFinish technology). The Classic model has a simple sash.



The Schüco brand

The most recognizable and recognized brand of window profiles in the world.



Tested throughout the years

The Schüco Corona CT70  System was introduced to the market years ago and till this day its sold with success

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AutomotiveFinish Colors

The unique use of special foil adapted fromt the automotive industry increases the enudrance and resistance to scartches. The rich metallic color palette is ideal for modern architectural trends. Up to 12 standard colors that the outisde frame can be painted with.


A standard Schüco Corona CT70 window is equipped with special steel reinforcements in the sash, that thanks to their shape and depth increase the stability of the profiles.

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Smooth surface of the frame and sash

Thanks to the smooth surface, the cleaning of the profile becomes child’s play.

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A rich color scheme

Schüco brand windows have the largest color scheme of veneer available on the market.



  • A standard window is manufactured in white(Inside and outside). Wood-like veneer and metalic varnish (AutomotiveFinish techonlogy) can be used. Windows in wood-like veneer are avaiable in the following variants:

    • White inside, wood-like veneer on the outside
    • Wood-like veneer inside and outside
    • Wood-like veneer inside, white on the outside

AutomotiveFinish windows technology only allows to paint as follows: color on the outside, white inside. Below the available colors: