HST Comfort

Lift-and-slide doors with fast lead times

HST Comfort


If you are looking for functional and aesthetically pleasing windows that will allow you to enjoy great comfort and minimize the costs associated with heating, it is worth paying attention to HST Comfort in our offer. With this solution you will be sure that you are choosing a product of the highest quality and in line with the latest trends in interior design.

HST Comfort is the ideal solution for those who want a comfortable combination of the interior of the house with a terrace or winter garden, as well as an unobstructed view achieved through a large glazed area.


Advantages of the System

Quick completion date

HST Comfort is the ideal choice for those who appreciate a fast completion date and reliability and high quality of the product. We make sure that every customer is satisfied with the implementation of the order, and HST Comfort allows you to do even better and more efficient. So, if you care about the fast delivery time of your order, consider choosing the HST Comfort product.

  • 5 chambers | 85 mm wide | 83 or 100 mm high
  • Profile height 100 mm
  • Maximum sash load capacity 400 kg
  • Maximum construction height 2,83 m
  • Rail height – 5 or 13 mm
  • Wide range of decorative foils
HST low sash

The low sash HST window is an ideal solution for people who are looking for windows with a unique design and innovative technology. With this product, you can easily introduce a modern and stylish look to any room while maintaining functionality for people with reduced mobility.

Plenty of light

HST Comfort windows on Decco profiles offer many advantages, including high thermal and acoustic insulation, provide very good light transmission which translates into comfort of use and energy savings. The product is also easy to maintain and has very good weather resistance, so it will last for many years.