Slide Standard

Innovative solution in the segment of sliding doors and windows



SLIDE Standard is an innovative solution for sliding doors and windows. It is an excellent replacement for PSK or HST type patio doors. The SLIDE system is ideal for single-family housing, as well as public buildings. Its biggest advantages are high tightness, reliability and ease of use.

Profile specifications:

  • Sash installation depth – 81 mm
  • Frame built-in depth – 157.5 mm
  • Possibility of glazing with packages up to 52 mm
  • High rigidity reinforcements in the sashes
  • Two types of fixed mullion from Decco 82 system (wide static and standard).
  • Designed to work with Roto and Hautau hardware
  • Available in scheme A

Advantages of the System

Exceptional Tightness and Reliability

Innovative opening system – providing excellent tightness. The SLIDE system is designed for maximum tightness, providing not only excellent thermal insulation, but also protection from the outside elements. Ideal for any home or public facility.

Reinforcements with High Rigidity - Guarantee of Reliability and Comfort

In the SLIDE Standard system, we have used high stiffness reinforcements in the sashes. This innovative feature ensures, that windows and sliding doors will serve you faultlessly for many years, offering comfortable and smooth use.

Very good thermal insulation parameter Uw = 0.69 [W/m²K].

Modern Technology: with Uw = 0.69 [W/m²K] for the reference window, the SLIDE system sets new standards in thermal insulation. This means lower heating bills and greater living comfort.