LuxThermo 90

Modern door with excellent thermal insulation

LuxThermo 90


LuxThermo 90 is an aluminium panel door distinguished by its excellent thermal properties (even Ud=0.7 W/m2K) and extensive personalisation possibilities. The installation width of the frame and leaf for these doors is 90 mm respectively. The leaf profile is flush with the frame and the door can be opened inwards and outwards. For these doors, it is possible to choose the PLUS series, which is equipped with additional thermal insulation wedges in the frame and leaf and a low anodised threshold with thermal break. LuxThermo 90 doors can be made in any colour from the RAL palette and the Tiger and IGP structural colour palettes. It is also possible to apply a different colour inside and outside and to varnish in wood-effect colours. These doors use triple glazing with a warm frame (Glass line) – with a choice of clear glass, Satinato, Master Care and Szynszyla white on the inside and clear glass on the outside. LuxThermo 90 doors are fitted with a key-operated 3-point GU MR2 lock as standard, as well as 3 double-leaf hinges, adjustable in 3 levels and painted in the same colour as the frame. It is possible to manufacture doors up to a height of 3.3 metres. All door models can be made in safety class RC2.



LuxThermo 90 aluminium doors are available in as many as 74 standard models possible in the RC2 class, so you can easily match them to the style and character of your building. The door models are divided into series and lines that differ in appearance and materials used. If you are looking for an aluminium door distinguished by its simplicity and elegance achieved through the use of a flat panel, choose a door from the Flat line. If you are looking for a large amount of natural light, you will find Glass line doors with glazing in our offer. For those looking for design solutions, we have prepared Stone line doors combining the properties of aluminium with the beauty of natural stone. If you want to combine the beauty of wood with the possibilities offered by aluminium doors, choose Wood line doors with a panel imitating wood. On the other hand, if you are interested in avant-garde and unprecedented solutions, make sure to check out the Roast line doors with a quartz sinter panel imitating rust or Loft line doors with a panel inspired by plaster dedicated to loft spaces. We also offer exclusive Dark line aluminium doors with black glass applications and doors with a classic Vintage line look. Looking for an even more perfect match? Design your door with us.


LuxThermo 90 aluminium panel doors are distinguished by their very good thermal properties. In the case of LuxThermo 90 aluminium doors, the thermal transmittance coefficient even reaches Ud=0.7 W/m2K! Such good thermal insulation properties make these doors ideal for use in passive and energy-efficient construction.

Bardzo dobra termika. Drzwi uchylno-przesuwne PVC Salamander. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice

The LuxThermo 90 aluminum door is distinguished by its excellent durability compared to competing products. Thanks to its properties, aluminum, the material from which the LuxThermo 90 door is made, ensures the highest level of door functionality for many years of use. It is possible to make doors up to 3.3 meters high while maintaining excellent static properties.

Quality and aesthetics

LuxThermo 90 doors provide high aesthetic qualities thanks to the panel flush with the frame, flush applications, hidden hinges and the possibility of using a hidden door closer. The doors are made by hand, to size, with the utmost attention to detail. A wide choice of panes, handles or pull handles, as well as a full palette of RAL colours, structural and woodgrain varnishes, allows personalisation of the doors to specific customer expectations.


LuxThermo 90 is an aluminium panel door distinguished by the highest comfort of use. They can be equipped with modern access control tools such as fingerprint readers and code keypads, which also allow access to be controlled by phone. The anodised, low (approx. 20 mm), barrier-free threshold (PLUS Series) and the ability to open both inwards and outwards make these doors as comfortable as they are secure.


Titanium series - Flat line
Titanium series - Glass line
Natur series - Stone line
Natur series - Wood line
Natur series - Roast line
Urban series - Loft line
Urban series - Dark line
Urban series - Vintage line




Frame and leaf construction width 90 mm. Leaf profile flush with the frame, doors opening inwards and outwards. Plus series with additional insulation wedges in frame and leaf, low threshold (approx. 20 mm) with thermal break, anodised.

Construction colour

Any colour from the RAL palette and the Tiger structural colour palette and IGP, in accordance with the available colour palette (non-standard solutions such as bi-colour, i.e. different colour on the inside and outside and varnishing in wood-like colours, are available at an extra charge).

Flush panels

Thickness 65 mm for single-sided flush panels (Classic) or 90 mm for double-sided flush panels (Exclusive). All stainless steel applications flush with the panel, except for the Stone line, Roast line, Loft line, panel thickness 3 mm on the outside and 1.5 mm (Classic model) and 2 mm (Exclusive model) on the inside.


Standard triple glazing with warm frame with heat transfer coefficient Ug =o.5 W/m2K Composite structure: 33.1 safety glass (VSG) on the inside, optionally clear glass, Satinato glass, Master Care glass, white chinchilla glass, clear glass on the outside.


GU MR2 key-operated 3-point slat lock. Handle and escutcheon on two stainless steel plates on the inside. Externally round recessed escutcheon and a choice of three panel-mounted handle heights (rectangular shape 40x20mm) in stainless steel 800, 1400, 1800 mm at a single price. BKS cylinder with clutch function, with 3 keys as standard. Double leaf hinges, adjustable in 3 levels (3D), 3 pieces per leaf, colour of hinges the same as the colour of the frame


Standard RAL colors
Examples of RAL colors
Structural varnishes
Wood-like decorative colors