Aliplast Ultraglide is an advanced thermal system designed for sliding, lifting and sliding structures. This system is often chosen by private individuals, mainly for residential construction due to the multitude of combinations and a great adaptation to the latest requirements in terms of thermal insulation. There are 22 mm and 28 mm thermal infills, thermal inserts and underlays. Two-, three- and four-piece structures with large dimensions of the sash with maximum weight of:

  • 250 kg For sliding doors
  • 400 kg For lift-sliding options

The use of branded fittings and a wide range of threshold solutions make the system very modern and versatile. The ability to design large glazing allows for innovative interior lighting, while maintaining the stability, lightness and functionality of the structure. Profiles are designed to fit many commercially available lock fittings by hand and by automation. The depth of the frame ranges from 153mm to 239mm and the sash depth amounts to 67mm.

Slide & lift / sliding systems are available in three thermal options:

  • UG
  • UG i
  • UG i+

Ultraglide is an extremely flexible system that can adapt to the needs of any individual customer. Available in combination of 3.5 or 7 chambers and the ability to use a variety of glazing (single glazed, double glazed),the system quickly gained popularity.

Lift & slide and sliding systems are available in three variants:

  • UG – option with standard threshold
  • UG – low threshold option
  • UG – angular solution 90 o

The low threshold option ensures comfortable use of the sliding structure and elegant design. This model makes it very easy to move between rooms as a disabled person because it prevents jams on the door-to-floor contact and allows the door to flush the floor. Sashes in this system can reach a maximum weight of 400 kg.

The 90 ° angle solution is dedicated to large corner glazing. It is ideal for commercial and private developments requiring open spaces. The connecting post moves along with the door, leaving a free space without a dividing construction pole.



The Ultraglide system enables the design of large, stable and functional glazing units that provide excellent illumination of the room. The elegant design allows for creative interior choices.


Ideal for construction of sliding and lift-sliding doors with high thermal insulation properties. Ultraglide is an eagerly chosen system adapted to the latest demands in terms of thermal insulation.


Slide & Lift and sliding structures made in the Ultraglide system have an extremely wide range of solutions tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.

Rich color scheme

Ultraglide designs are available in all RAL colors. In addition, they can be made in Aliplast Wood Color Effect, which perfectly reflects the beauty of wood-like colors. Anodized finish, also bicolour.


Standard colors
Non-standard colors
Wood-like colors
Tiger - structurlack