Schüco LivIngSlide

Lift and slide doors with perfect thermal insulation

Schüco LivIngSlide


The Schüco LivIngSlide door is an innovative lift and slide door system with excellent thermal properties and meeting the highest customer requirements. Schüco LivIngSlide is equipped with wings with a depth of 82 mm, which makes it compatible with the Schüco LivIng 82MD window system. Thanks to that there is a possibility to adjust a wide range of additional profiles including glazing beads and glazing accessories. The Schüco LivIngSlide lift and slide system uses a many innovative design solutions, for example reinforcement of the sash with a closed rectangular steel profile. In this way increased structure stability was obtained, which allows to make it large elements (with a sash weight of up to 400 kg). The doors are distinguished by perfect tightness thanks to use of EPDM gaskets.



The Schüco LivIngSlide lift and slide doors are characterized by a slim and modern design due to flush elements. They are equipped with a special support for trolley that makes easy handling of even heavy sashes. The structural solution by reinforcement of the sash with a closed rectangular steel profile allows for creation of structures up to 6.5 m wide and 2.8 m high and weight up to 400 kg. Schüco LivIngSlide system allows to make single- and double-track structures with glazing up to 52 mm thick. The applied door-step allows you to remove architectural barriers and makes an easy pass.


Schüco LivIngSlide doors are characterized by excellent thermal insulation performance – Uw up to 0.8 W / (m2K). Thanks to modern EPDM seals, the door perfectly protects against wind and bad weather conditions at the same time providing excellent acoustic insulation.


The Schüco LivIngSlide system allows to choose foil used in the automotive industry, which increases a profiles resistance for scratching. The metallic colours correspond to the new architectural trends and allow you to choose up to 12 colours as standard.

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