Superial 75

The most popular system for external development, intended for the construction of windows, doors and display cabinets with high thermal parameters

Superial 75


Superial 75 is a three-chamber system for windows and doors with a thermal partition intended for designing windows in residential, public and industrial buildings. The system is ideal for all types of windows and external displays, and solutions such as: tilt and turn, tilt, tilt and slide windows, doors opening inwards and outwards – based on a modified window sash. Thermal breakers, a chamber central gasket and special glazing gaskets make it possible to achieve the Uf coefficient from 1.41 W/m2K. The system offers the possibility of bending profiles, including frames, wings and lacings, which makes it possible to obtain various types of arches and arch structures. The wide range of sections and profiles makes it possible to manufacture a suitably resistant and aesthetic structure in accordance with the customer’s ideas. Windows in the Superial system meet burglary resistance requirements in the RC 3 class.



Superial 75 is the most popular external building system intended for constructing windows, doors and showcases with high thermal parameters required by building regulations. Superial 75 system makes use of technical solutions (thermal separators, chamber central gasket and special glazing gaskets) allowing achievement of the Uf coefficient from 1.41 W/m2K. The Superial 75 window and door system is compatible with our other products (ProThermo, EcoThermo, Panorama). It is ideal e.g. in public utility buildings.

Sprawdzone rozwiązanie. Okna i drzwi Superial 75. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Gliwice Zabrze

Superial 75 is a system extremely rich in additional solutions. SP SU, SP OUT, Pivot or SP 800 are additional possibilities for designing and constructing windows and doors with a concealed sash, swinging outwards, rotating or with increased thermal insulation. Thanks to such a number of supplementary options, the system is ideal for designing buildings taking into account the individual needs of the user in terms of functionality, aesthetics and durability.

Mnogość rozwiązań. Okna i drzwi Superial 75. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Gliwice Zabrze

Superial 75 is an extra-rich external building system for constructing doors and windows that is worth your interest! It is a warm, three-chamber system, and at the same time available at an exceptionally favourable price. It is ideal for use in residential, public and industrial buildings. It works well in all types of windows and external displays. When choosing the Superial 75 window and door system, you are opting for the best possible price/quality ratio!




frame: 75 mm | sash: 84 mm


standard package 4/18/4/18/4 Ug=0.5 W/m2K, warm Swisspacer frame | Possible to use glazing unit from 14-61 mm | Choice of glass: safe, toughened, anti-burglary, anti-sun, acoustic, ornament


GU | Additionally the window equipped with: anti-burglary strikers, sash lift, microventilation and handle misplacement blockade. A 1-point lock or GU Secury fitting with 3-point locking can be used in the door. It is possible to purchase windows and doors in safety class RC 1 and RC 2.


Windows - as standard: aluminium Hoppe Secustic handles in the following colours: silver, white 9016, brown 8019, anthracite 7016, matt black 9005, gold, inox. | Entrance doors - stainless steel handles and rails as standard.


SP i | SP i+


SP 800 i, SP 800 i+

An extension of Superial 75, the SP 800 series is dedicated to the construction of doors with high insulation values. The great advantage of this system is its compatibility. Thanks to the adaptive profiles, it is possible to incorporate its construction into Superial 75 door panels. In addition, we may opt for a thermally insulated threshold, which increases the thermal properties even further. The SP 800 can be used to create various types of doors: single leaf, double leaf, outward opening, inward opening and panic doors. The depth of the leaf and frame for this door solution is 75 mm. Extremely high thermal parameters have been achieved through the use of special inserts, inserted between the thermal breaks and around the glass. Thanks to this solution the insulating power of the section increases even by 0.2 – 0.5 W/m2K. The SP 800 is characterised by excellent anti-burglary properties thanks to a lock located far from the outside.



HINGED HINGES - Window tilting outwards bottom

HINGED HINGES - Top hung outward opening window

HINGED HINGES - Outward opening window

Scissor hinges - Outward opening bottom hung window

Scissor hinges - Outward opening top hung window

Scissor hinges - Outward opening window