SafeThermo 75

RC3 class aluminum anti-burglary door

SafeThermo 75

The SafeThermo 75 door is an aluminum panel door in the RC3 class. The SafeThermo 75 doors are characterized by excellent thermal insulation (even Ud=0.8 W/m2K), modern design, durability and resistance, and above all, a high safety standard confirmed by the German IFT Rosenheim laboratory. The durability of the material, which is aluminum, means that the door can be used for years. It is all the more important that we open them more often than windows. In addition, they are particularly resistant to large temperature differences, thanks to which they do not bend and deform over time, unlike wooden doors. An undoubted advantage of aluminum is the possibility of painting it with any color from the RAL palette or structural varnishes (Tiger, IGP), which allows you to create personalized doors based on your own taste and preferences. SafeThermo 75 doors are available as full or glazed doors – both types have RC3 burglary resistance class. The RC3 certificate that our doors have entitles you to receive a discount on real estate insurance in most insurance companies. For customers who do not expect such a high class of security, we offer ProThermo 75 and LuxThermo 75 doors available in the RC2 class or without the burglary resistance class.


Safety first

The most important feature of the SafeThermo 75 aluminum panel door is the high level of security it guarantees. These doors have been tested by the recognized German laboratory IFT Rosenheim and received the RC3 burglary resistance class – the highest resistance class that aluminum doors can receive. The certificate that our doors have received is a guarantee that, unlike many other products available on the market, they are real anti-burglary doors. The option to choose the version of the SafeThermo 75 door in the RC3 class with a glass distinguishes our product from the competition. SafeThermo 75 aluminum doors provide protection against burglary using tools, such as a crowbar. Characteristic elements affecting the level of anti-burglary protection of the door are a specially glued panel, anti-burglary glass, GU fittings in security class 4, an insert with an anti-burglary rosette, 3-leaf hinges and special anti-burglary bolts.

Very good thermals

SafeThermo 75 doors have excellent thermal parameters for anti-burglary doors. The thermal permeability coefficient in their case can be even Ud=0.8 W/m2K (the parameters required in Poland are Ud=1.3 W/m2K)! This is possible thanks to the use of a special insulating material. Such parameters allow us to install our doors in houses designed in accordance with the trends of passive construction.

Bardzo dobra termika. Drzwi uchylno-przesuwne PVC Salamander. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Gliwice
Lower insurance cost

The cost of the real estate insurance premium is affected by a number of factors, such as the type and number of security features used in the building. The use of the SafeThermo 75 anti-burglary door in the RC3 class obliges to obtain a discount in most real estate insurance companies. Our doors have the required RC3 class certificates issued by the renowned German institute IFT Rosenheim.


Korzystna cena. Systemy przesuwne MB-23P. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry Śląsk Zabrze Częstochowa
Advanced automation

Safethermo 75 doors are the doors of the 21st century. Our doors use Smart Home solutions that allow you to control the door using Android™ and iOS™ devices. It is possible to control user access with the use of fingerprint readers (up to 166 fingerprints can be programmed) and control the door lighting. All elements of advanced automation used in our doors are certified in the RC3 class.


The SafeThermo 75 anti-burglary door in the RC3 class, in addition to a high level of security, offers a number of designer solutions. Thanks to a wide range of colors, a flush sash, modern design, fashionable details and a wide selection of equipment, these doors offer virtually endless possibilities of personalization. By choosing the SafeThermo 75 door, you are probably choosing the strongest door in the RC3 class available on the market.

Door models

Standard parameters


Frame and sash construction width 75 mm, door opening inwards, low threshold 14.5 mm with thermal break, anodized. double-sided 75 mm panel.


Double-sided 75 mm panel.

The colors of the structure

Standard RAL colors, structural colors from the Tiger and IGP palette. Non-standard solutions: bicolor, i.e. a combination of 2 colors (inside different from the outside) or wood-like varnishes, available at an additional cost,


Quadruple glazing with a warm frame, heat transfer coefficient Ug=0.5 W/m2K, construction: safety glass 33.1 VSG inside, transparent glass inside / Satinato white / Chinchila white / Master Care white, outside safety glass 44.6 VSG (P5A).


GU-Secury DR mortise lock, class 4, multi-point, manual.
Inside: handle and rosette on separate stainless steel plates.
Exterior: class anti-burglary rosette made of stainless steel, three stainless steel handrails with a length of 800, 1400, 1800 mm (square 40x20 mm) to choose from. Anti-burglary cylinder BKS Livius 5000 with 5 keys. Three-leaf hinges, 3 pieces per leaf, adjustable in 3 levels, in the color of the frame.


Standard RAL colors
Examples of RAL colors
Structural varnishes
Decoral wood-like colors