EcoThermo 75

An aluminium panel door for everyone

EcoThermo 75

The EcoThermo 75 door is for anyone looking for an aluminium panel door with good thermal properties and a fashionable look at an extremely affordable price. These doors are fitted as standard with a stainless steel handle and escutcheon on a separate bar, as well as a clutch cylinder and GU MR2 key-operated 3-point hardware. The door is set on three double-leaf hinges adjustable in three levels in the colour of the frame and can be opened both inwards and outwards. A low threshold with a thermal break, 75 millimetre frame and leaf thickness and the possibility of using PLUS thermal insulation make the EcoThermo 75 door an excellent, no-compromise offer at an affordable price. The door can be made in one of four types and dimensions.



EcoThermo 75 doors are characterised by the best price-to-quality ratio. They are dedicated to all customers who, having a limited budget, would like to use a high-quality aluminium panel door with an attractive appearance and good thermal properties in their building. EcoThermo 75 doors use triple glazing with a warm frame with a thermal coefficient Ug=0.7 W/m²K, thanks to which our doors guarantee very good thermal performance. It is also possible to choose the PLUS solution equipped with additional warming wedges in the frame and leaf. The doors are available in 6 models and 5 standard RAL colours as well as 5 non-standard RAL colours and colours from the Tiger structural lacquer palette, making it easy to match the style and character of the building.


The EcoThermo 75 door guarantees a high level of functionality and security. They are equipped with a high quality GU MR2 key-operated 3-point slat lock and double leaf hinges (three pieces per leaf) lacquered to the colour of the frame, adjustable in three levels. The cylinder has a clutch function and three keys as standard.


EcoThermo 75 doors can be made in four possible variants. A single-leaf door, a single-leaf door with side screens in one frame, a single-leaf door with two side screens in one frame and a single-leaf door with top screens in one frame are all possible. Two models are available with bonded stainless steel applications.






75 mm frame and leaf installation width - doors opening inwards. PLUS series equipped with additional insulation wedges in the frame and leaf. Low threshold 20 mm with thermal break in anodised colour.

Construction colours

Standard 5 RAL colours. Other RAL and Tiger structural colours at an extra charge.


Insert panel 36 mm thick. Two models with stick-on stainless steel applications.


Triple glazing with warm frame with thermal transmittance Ug=0.7 W/m²K. Construction: Interior - translucent glass; interior - clear glass / Satinato white / Crepi white / Master Care white; exterior - clear glass.


GU MR2 key-operated 3-point slat lock. Internally and externally - handle and escutcheon on separate stainless steel plates. Cylinder with clutch function as standard with 3 keys. Double-leaf hinges, three pieces per sash, adjustable in 3 levels (3D), colour of hinges the same as the colour of the frame.


Standard RAL colors
Exemplary RAL colors and Tiger structural varnishes