Additional equipment

Wide range of customization options for aluminum doors

Additional equipment

Because we know how important it is to personalize the door – we have created a wide range of additional equipment and individual solutions. When choosing aluminum doors, you can choose ready-made solutions or create your own. Entrance doors are a showcase of the house, we realize how difficult it is to match them to the style and character of the building. That is why we have prepared a wide range of applications and milling (including black glass applications) and modern recessed handrails. Due to the possibilities offered by modern technology, we have included modern solutions in the field of access control and LED backlighting in our offer. In addition, for even better personalization, customers can use Digital Printing, a technology that allows graphics to be printed directly on the door. Looking for something even more tailored to your needs? Check all the door personalization options or contact our expert.

Additional equipment

Nice handles
Horizontal handles
Unusual and special handles
Recessed handles
Recessed handles made of stainless steel
Handles with wooden inserts
Lacquered handles
Stainless steel handles
GU multi-point strip locks

Special solutions

Digital Printing

Did you know that our doors can be printed? Discover Digital Printing – an alternative to single-sided or double-sided panels. Give them an even more elegant look by enriching the glass with a subtle or slightly more noticeable print. Upgrade your door with personalized glazing and decide what should appear on it. Horizontal or vertical stripes? Or maybe a company logo or house number? You decide – it’s your door after all.

Milling and applications acc. project

How about even more personalization options? Make your door ideally suited to the character and style of the building so that everyone can recognize it just by them. A subtle cutter with a house number is just the beginning of what we can do for you…

Access control

Discover modern access control solutions with us. Control access to your building using a dedicated mobile application for Android and iOS. Our solutions will provide you with the maximum level of security and full control over user access. Thanks to them, you can program up to 166 unique fingerprints and find out who opened the door and when. By using the additional functions of our mobile applications, you will gain the ability to control the lighting and open the door directly from your phone. Wondering if it’s safe? The high-quality, tightly cast housing of the readers guarantees the highest degree of protection against manipulation, and the coded access signal and the latest biometric technology will protect you against unauthorized access.

Different colors

Are you wondering if a light door will match both the light color of the interior and the dark façade? You don’t have to face such a dilemma! When you decide to choose doors from our offer, you can order them in different colors from the outside and inside. Give up compromises and choose doors that perfectly reflect the character of your building – both outside and inside.

LED backlight

Make your door shine with real brilliance – illuminate it with LED backlighting. Choose spotlighting in the form of a LED strip or recessed handrail lighting. You can also highlight the kicks by choosing a cold or warm light color. It’s still not everything! You can control the lighting of your door through the application for devices operating under Android or iOS.