GlassThermo 75

Aluminium doors with glazing

GlassThermo 75

GlassThermo 75 is an aluminium door with large glazing designed for use where natural light is important. With this door, the installation width of the frame and leaf is 75 mm. The great advantage of this door is the much more competitive price compared to a panel door, with the use of a crossbar in the leaf and the possibility to individually plan the glazing. With GlassThermo 75, it is also possible to choose the PLUS version, which is equipped with additional thermal insulation wedges in the frame and leaf, giving the door increased thermal insulation properties. Thanks to the use of a low anodised threshold (approx. 20 mm) with a thermal break, barriers to movement between the outside and the inside of the building are eliminated. A wide choice of colours, glazing, handles and pulls makes it easy to match these doors to the style and character of the building. It is also possible to fit an integrated letterbox into the door. With GlassThermo 75, you have the choice of up to 4 door types, comprising single leaf doors and doors with different types of fanlight (side, top or double-sided).



GlassThermo 75 is all about the glass. As many different types of glazing are available, from plain glass (float) through to a range of specialised solutions. The customer has the option of choosing the type of glass that best suits the needs of his building. For example, it is possible to use ornamental glass in the Chinchila, Crepi, Master Care and Master Point designs, which maintains light transmission similar to that of clear glass. For customers seeking a high level of privacy, we have developed semi-transparent matt and satin glass. Antisol glass in graphite or brown is also available. This type of glazing provides protection from the sun’s rays through special decorative tinting. There is also the possibility of printing any design provided by the customer on the glass and the possibility of sandblasting with translucent motifs (house number, street name or other ornamentation can be placed on the glass).


GlassThermo 75 is fitted as standard with a key-operated 3-point GU MR2 slat lock (3 keys as standard) with a BKS cylinder with clutch function. On the internal side, a handle and escutcheon on two stainless steel escutcheons are used. The door is set on three double-leaf hinges with a 3-level adjustment function lacquered in the same colour as the frame. Two types of handles in different lengths and 6 handles in different colours are available.


GlassThermo 75 aluminium doors are available in all RAL colours. In addition, they can be made in the Aliplast Wood Colour Effect palette, which perfectly captures the beauty of woodgrain colours, or in the Tiger and IGP structural lacquer palettes with a distinctive texture, available with or without gloss, so-called pearl. An interesting solution is also the possibility of creating a two-colour construction, where the profiles on the outside and inside can have a different colour.

Bogata kolorystyka. Okna i drzwi do domów pasywnych Star 90. Profilnet Tarnowskie Góry.




Standard parameters


Frame and sash construction width 75 mm, doors opening inwards and outwards. The Plus series is equipped with additional insulating wedges in the frame and sash. Low threshold of about 20 mm with a thermal break, anodized.

The colors of the structure

Any color from the RAL palette and the Tiger and IGP structural color palette, in accordance with the available color palette (unusual solutions such as bicolor, i.e. a different color inside and outside, or wood-like varnishing, are available for an additional fee).


Triple-glazed filling 4/18/4/18/4 with a warm frame, with a heat transfer coefficient of Ug=0.5 W/m2K. Possibility of using sandblasted, safe, tempered and solar control glass.


GU MR2 3-point strip lock with key control. From the inside, a handle and a rosette on two stainless steel plates, a BKS insert with a clutch function, 3 keys as standard, double-leaf hinges, adjustable in 3 levels (3D), 3 pieces per leaf, the color of the hinges is the same as the color of the frame. From the outside, you can choose a handle/knob or a handle.