Winkhaus duoPort SK

Fitting for the tilt-and-slide doors

Winkhaus duoPort SK


In contrast traditionally opening windows to the inside, the tilt-and-slide windows, even the big ones don’t take up a lot of living surface, they are pretty and functional. For the ones seeking light, space and ease of use, we propose the duoPort SK fitting! The tilt and slide duoPort SK fitting is a new addition to the Winkhaus products, based on the activPilot. It allows for construction of tilt and slide windows up to 2,7 m height, 2 m width and a weight even up to 200kg! The fitting is defined by the largest withdrawal of the sash among other tilt and slide systems available on the market and can be used in multi-chamber profiles with high thermal insulation properties. It’s an important factor in large glazings where the energy loss can be much bigger.

Comfort of use

The fitting is available in two types duoPort SK-S (manual) and duoPort SK-Z (comfortable handle use). This additional function makes opening and closing even very large windows easy. There are 3 weight classes available: for light sashes (up to 100kg), heavy (up to 160 kg) and really heavy ones(up to 200 kg). duoPort SK allows the for manufacture of all popular types of sliding constructions. The fitting is universal and doesn’t require any additional overlays on the profiles


In case of mighty, heavy constructions, safety and security is a fundamental issue. Trolley trucks are equipped with overload protection. Incorrect handle locking prevents the sash from being damaged by an inattentive user. Stability and reliability of the system is also increased by: Modified combination of handle with hardware and a new mechanic of the stay. The standard fittings are equipped with solid sealing studs. The level of anti-burglary protections is regulated by the exchange of a specified amount of standard hooks to anti-burglary hooks. The duoPort SK 160 Z version meets the requirements of DIN V ENV 1627-16300 In resistance class 2.