Winkhaus activPilot

Modern window fitting

Winkhaus activPilot


The activPilot fitting system from the Winkhaus comapany combines many innovative and practical solutions, that in the future will surely become the standard. The new system was created based on the tested autoPilot fittings. Thanks to its flexibility it is easy to satisfy every wish of our customers. The additional functions, a new way of changing the locking system to your liking are important features for a potential client. The modern design further underlines the quality and ease of use.






Thanks to the module construction, the activPilot system gives us the possibility of easy security change. The raise of the security standard is a matter of changing a few standard hook to anti-burglary ones. It’s not necessary to change the parts of the sash for special ones because each of the sash elements and parts works perfectly with antiburglary hooks, it meets the requirements of increased intrusion resistance.

Thanks to relatively big space cog, the activPilot fitting can be used in different system profiles and windows of all sorts and sizes. The simple manual regulation of the holdfast to the sash and uniform distribution of strenght working on the the fitting are important assets.




In the activPilot sytstem the ergonomics and functionality harmonize with the modern design and accessories. The frame hooks and hinges have round edges accordingly to the new trends in industrial design. Thanks to that they not only look elegant, but are also easy to keep clean.