The Panorama is a three-chamber, high-performance, pleated harmonica system designed for design of- as the name implies – folding doors. Panorama offers inward or outward opening in a plural sash configuration. With this system,a aesthetically pleasing construction, comfortable for the user and offering a very efficient use of space, is not a problem. A wide range of available solutions and potential uses predestines the design of structures such as the construction of balconies, terraces or winter gardens to public buildings and commercial buildings. The depth of the frame amounts to 74.5 mm and the depth of the wing to 74.5 mm.

The folding system is available in two thermal options:

  • Panorama
  • Panorama i+


The door makes a light impression thanks to the minimized visual width of the profile used in the system. The system offers two different types of threshold solutions:

  • Threshhold system with a brush gasket
  • System with a tight threshold made on the basis of a complete frame on the perimeter of the entire window.

The low threshold option ensures comfortable use of the structure and elegant design. This model makes it very easy to move between rooms for a disabled person because it prevents jams on the door-to-floor contact and allows the door to flush with the floor.

The sealed version allows you to effectively control the flow of air and heat due to increased thermal performance.



The three-chamber folding system makes it possible to design aesthetically and solidly, which ensures a very efficient use of space. The Elegant design allows for creative interior layout.


Warm folding system

Ideal for constructing high-performance,  folding doors. Panorama is a selective system that is tailor-made to meet the latest demands in terms of thermal insulation.

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A wide range of solutions

Folding consturctions made by using the Panorama system have an extremely wide range of solutions tailored to the individual requirements of the customer.


Rich color scheme

Structures made in the Panorama system are available in all RAL colors. In addition, they can be made in Aliplast Wood Color Effect, which perfectly reflects the beauty of wood-like colors. Anodized finish, also bicolour.



Standard colors
Non-standard colors
Wood-like colors
Tiger - structurlack