Winkhaus activPilot Select

A fitting with invisible hinges.

Winkhaus activPilot Select


Innovative technology

Big glazings and firmly lightened rooms are a symbol of modern architecture. Solutions like that require the use of large fittings that are accustomed to sashes of equal size and weight. A particular attention should be drawn when triple glazing packs with additional thermal or sound insulation are used. The activPilot Select fitting can be used in sashes that weight up to 150 kg , remaining completely shut and invisible. This solution gives designers a new field to work with. Thanks to the module construction it’s simple to mount and can be adjusted to the changing demands of our clients.


element_wzmacniajacy_activPilot Select

The activPilot Select is in the standard version adapted for sashes of 100 kg in weight. If tow additonal elements are used the bearing capacity can go up to 150 kg (Including already mounted windows). The activPilot Select allows for construction of windows of large surfaces.

Timeless design

The windows with the acitvPilot Select fitting can be designed according to individual taste of our customers. The hinges that are mounted inside the cog are invisible, therefore all colors are allowed. It’s the perfect solution for modern architecture. Modern or classic buildings, even renovated buildings, thanks the possibility of using old-fashioned hinges the style of the window remains unchanged.



The advantages of fittings with invisible hinges Select:

  • None of the hinges are visible from the outside
  • Helps to keep the window clean
  • Emphasizes the beautiful design of the window
  • Makes more room for blinds
  • The window can be opened up to a maximum angle of 100 °