Sound insulation glazing

Sound insulation glazing

Product charateristic

When our house close to a place with a lot of noise is, it is good to think about the buy of windows with good noise insulation. Sound insulation glazing is manufactured by combining glass panes of different thickness with suppression between them. In this type of windows its possible to reach a coefficient of sound insulation up to 47 dB.

What RW value should our windows have?

It seems to be simple, because it depends on the level of noise in our area. When the house is near a noisy area the RW value should also be higher in order to surpress the noise. Modern windows have a good sound insulation. A normal glass pane has a RW value of 30 dB. That is enough if our house not next to a busy street located is. But if it is, the RW value should be around 35 to 38 dB.

What else do i need to know about this windows?

When we consider to buy sound insulation glazing, we should match it according to our needs. But you should not count that the exchange von windows in the middle of a city center a lot of a difference makes. Sadly you need to pay for every extra decibel. Sound insulation glazing with a value of 37 dB is 100% more expensive than normal glazing

It’s not only the glazing that makes a silent window, the profile and the mounting also plays a big part if we want the room to be properly sound insulated. The windows should be mounted in such a way that it doesn’t let any air through. The frame should also be tight, the shape makes the difference.