Winkhaus activPilot Comfort

A fitting with a special ventilation system

Winkhaus activPilot Comfort


The activPilot Comfort fitting is a revolutionally solution for weathering the room. In bathrooms, kitchens or living rooms a lot of moisture forms overtime, the moisture needs to be regulraly rid of. Otherwise mould will form on the walls, that not only damage the wall but endanger our health, This problem can be easily soloved using the activPilot comfort fitting from Winkhaus, it allows easy weathering thanks to the 6-millimeter gap between the sash and the frame. It provides a constant supply of fresh air and a healthy indoor climate.


Angled window

Left vertically (weathering)


Reduce energy loss

In the colder times of the year, the ventilation of our rooms causes significant energy losses. The activPilot Comfort fitting allows to reduce these losses, thanks to the supply of fresh air. When the sash is moved away from the frame circa 6mm, the used up air escapes through the top and the fresh cold air flows in from the bottom and is evenly distributed through the room. During this type of weathering the energy loss is significantly lower.


Safe ventilation of the rooms


The activPilot Comfort fitting is the only fitting on the market that allows for fresh air ventilation with enhanced anti-burglary resistance. It’s thanks to the special construction of the steel frame hooks which make it significantly more difficult to break the sash out from the frame. The position of the handle does not reveal that the window is normally locked. The activPilot Comfort fitting fulfills the requirements for class 1 or 2 window fittings that are resistant to breaking. (Depending on the configuration of the choosen system and profile).


The new way of weathering eliminates aeration and slamming windows. Also during the rain this advantage is useful. In the tilted position even during small rain the the water can get inside the room, but using the weathering position the window gives a much larger protection from the rain. The window is a great rain and noise protection.