About us

We are a manufacturer of quality joinery. We have an individual approach to each customer. We always try to offer solutions to meet your needs. We are not afraid of ambitious challenges and complex implementation. Every day we strive for the next steps and continuous development. “Quality without compromise” is the philosophy we pursue during all stages of our business, whether it be production, service, consulting or logistics.

Our partners

Aluminium constructions

Aluminum is the ideal material for the production of windows and door elements. The products are made of aluminum profiles. They are warm, solid, aesthetic, safe and comfortable.

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PVC windows and doors

The windows and doors made of PVC from the German brand Schüco and Salamander have reached an unachievable position in the market. They are characterized by excellent thermal insulation properties and a very rich color scheme

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Winter garden

The winter gardens of the German company Schilling are the ideal solution for connecting the garden with the house. Each winter garden is designed with due accuracy and adapts to the needs of the customer.

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  • Aluprof MB-86

    The new Aluprof MB-86 window and door series have been designed to offer outstanding insulation properties. It meets the increasing requirements from the legislative and general market demands for the enhanced energy saving construction of new windows and door systems, the standard for this frame is: 77 mm, for the sash: 77 mm (door) or 86 mm (windows). In Order to get the best thermal parameters  its best to use wide glass pane packets, that in this system can have the thickness of 67 mm. Offered in three varieties ST, SI and AERO it is the first aluminum system to employ silica aerogel, the nanoporous material that has a very high proportion of free void volume compared to conventional solid materials. Its high pore volume, low solid content, and torturous path amorphous structure give rise to low values of thermal conductivity. Therefore the system features the industry leading thermal performance.

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  • Schüco LivIng

    The Schüco LivIng window was designed to the smallest details. It’s characterized by great thermal insulation parameters. The window can have triple glazing of Ug=0,5 W/m2K in value, this method will make the thermal conductivity of the window go to  Uw=0,72 W/m2K, which means its classified to use in passive buildings. The construction has a 7-chamber frame and sash, the hardware width of 82 mm and a low triple glazing equipped with warm Swiss Spacer frame edges. Additionally the window is the only one on the market that has thermal EPDM gaskets, that make the window tight, secure and ideally finished on its corners. A note worthy aspect is the widest color scheme on the market with unique metalic AutomotiveFinish.

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  • Schiling 1000+

    Adopting the Schilling 1000+ roof system makes it easy to build a large construction without the need of using other steel constructions. Aditonally the roof is a insulated on each gasket thanks to specially designed thermal infill, which prevent the loss of heat. By using this system its possible to manufacture roof profiles in many shapes and froms. The vertical profiles complete the entire construction, they can be freely designed as windows, doors, tilt & slide doors or lift & slide HST doors, adjusted to the functionality and needs of the garden.

    The ideal follow-up to each winter garden are roller-blinds, mosquito nets, shutters, pivot windows (that provide additional ventilation)LED lighthing or even self-sufficient windows that help to keep the winter garden clean.

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