Facade blinds

Facade blinds


Façade blinds are a modern form of external shutters. They are mounted on the façade of the building to protect it from sunlight. They are suitable not only for shops and corporate buildings, but also for single family homes, where they are starting to be very common.
Facade blinds have a very simple structure and a wide color palette, thanks to which they adapt to the tendencies of modern construction. The lamellas are constructed of 0.4mm thick aluminum meterial. Unlike roller blinds, they are made of stainless steel, they can be used to cover large surfaces, which is a great solution for modern construction.


Advantages of the system

Unlimited sun protection

The greatest advantage of facade blinds compared to other sun protection products – especially roller blinds – is their construction, that allows the blinds to be mounted on large surfaces. One facade blind can cover a maximum area of 20 square meters.


Three different variants of lamella.

The flat C 80, C 80 and Z-90 lamella are available in 14 different colors and are made to suit your individual needs.



Comfort of daily use

The lamellaes can be lowered and raised by means of an electric motor, this way you get the right amount of light in the room at any time of the day. Standard brand engines are Geiger, Nice and Somfy. Especially recommended are the Somfy IO Home Control motors, that allow for simple facade blinds use per smartphone in the entire house.

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Two guide profiles

There is a choice between rail and cable profiles for lamella guides.




Durable elements

Facade blind boxes are made of anodized aluminum, thanks to which their service life is greatly increased. Blinds can have a thickness of 1.2 mm or 2.0 mm and are supplied in 4 different variants.


Two different types of boxes

Boxes available in two variants, oval and rectangular. Choosing a box depends on the customer’s taste or the type of building.


Available in 25 colors

Facade shutter boxes are available as standard in 25 RAL colors.


Mounting systems

External system

Shutters installed outside the building can be installed in two different ways. They are often assembled as a single bearing structure between the guides and the façade. Fasteners are available in many different variants and have adjustment functions. Another possibility is to mount the box on the façade. The advantage of this method is the ability to expand according to customer demand. Boxes are made of anodized aluminum, available in oval and rectangular shape.

Recessed system

An optically unnoticeable concealed system in which shutters without or partly with a box are installed in the facade of the building and only the top of the shutter is visible. Standard blinds are available in four different variants, but can also be designed for an individual customer at his request.


System C- 80 flat

The advantage of this system is the flat form of the lamella, which allows them to fit more in the box and thus cover a wider area. Lamellaes are 79 mm wide and 6.9 mm high. Thanks to this, you can cover up to 3 m high and 4 m wide using this system


System C-80
 The C-80 system is characterized by the use of guides that allow for smooth and smooth movement of the lamella along the window. You can also use string guides that make the design appear lighter. Lamellae are protected on both sides, which gives the structure increased stability. C-80 systems can be constructed with a maximum width of 4.5 m and a height of 5.0 m.


System Z-90

Z-90 lamellas allow for total eclipse of the room, which is unreachable in other systems. The lamellas have the form of the letter Z and are wide at 92 mm. In addition, they are equipped with silencers. The maximum size of this system is 4.5 m wide and 5.0 m high.



Lamela Colors