Econoline 51

Econoline 51


The Econoline 51 system is a non-thermal insulation system designed to construct internal partitions, both fixed and those with windows and doors. It is used in the construction of partition walls for general use in public buildings, industrial buildings and office buildings. The great advantage of Econoline 51 is its compatibility with other Aliplast systems. Econolines 51 construction can use hinges, which not only look much better, but are also more stable than the standard. On the basis of this system you can also build panel doors (Econoline 51 panel). The depth for the frame in this system is 51 mm and for the sash 60mm.

Econoline  51 is an aluminum system without thermal insulation. The structure of the door system is described above. It is used to design doors inside residential buildings and public buildings, and the hallmark of the system is the wide choice of various filling panels. Thanks to its elegant design and many design options, the Econoline 51 panel has become one of the favorite systems used by architects.

System benefits


This is a very flexible system that provides the ability to construct many types of doors, connecting walls at any angle and strengthening existing components.

Best market price

Aluminum profile system without thermal insulation allows to design light, durable and functional construction available at the best price on the market.


Econoline 51 windows and doors are available in all RAL colors. In addition, they can be made in Aliplast Wood Color Effect, which perfectly reflects the beauty of wood-like colors.

Product features


Aluminum one-chamber Econoline 51 system without thermal insulation with a frame depth of 51 mm and 60 mm sash (for windows)


Econoline 51 windows as standard are equipped with a single 33.1 glass pane. It can also be glazed up to a depth of 37 mm. Depending on your needs, safe, hardened, anti-burglar, sunscreen, acoustic, ornamental and glass inside glass is available.

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The windows use the Activ Pilot fitting from the German company Winkhaus. they are equipped with anti-break pillows on the whole circumference, which can be adjusted by reducing or increasing the wing pressure to the frame depending on the season. In addition, the window is equipped with anti-theft hinges, a wing lift, micro ventilation and mechanic that prevents the the handle to be left in the wrong position. A One-point lock, GU Secury or KV with 3-point locking can be used in the door. It is possible to purchase windows and doors in RC 1 and RC 2 safety class.


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In the standard version aluminium-handles “Hoppe Sescustic” are used. Avaiable in three colors – White,  Silver and Brown. For the standard type of handles stainless steel is used.

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Color scheme

Windows and doors based on the Aliplast Econoline 51 system are available in a wide range of colors.

Standard colors
Non-standard colors
Wood-like colors
Tiger - structurlack