The warmest and most stable HST door



The MB-77HS “Lift & Slide” door product is an ideal solution for connecting interior space rooms or conservatories with the outside balcony, terrace or garden area. The construction bases of the widest frame on the market; 174 mm (2- rail system) or 271 mm (3- rail system) and a silding-sash mit einer with overall depth of 77 mm. This secures the stability and has a big impact on user comfort. The sashes can weight up to 400 kg. The construction can have 3,2 m height and 3,3 m width, which makes it easy to manufacture doors in great sizes. Thanks to this a door using the MB-77 HS system will ideally fit into the modern architecture, because it gives us a lot of space that is functional and versitile.  The possibility of corner building
the MB-77 HS door is a great solution, because after sliding the sashes to the sides, an entirely new room is made. A big gain that comes along with the MB-77HS system are the great heat-insulating values. The system was designed in such a way so the use of very thick glasspanes can be done – even up to 58 mm


The thermal insulation capacity of the construction can be futher increased, by use of additional HI fill-in material used inside the casements of the MB-77HS System. The “Lift & Slide” system (HS) can improve the Uw=0,84 W/m2k factor by using the triple glass pane-pack and go down to Ug=0,5 W/m2K. This result beats the whole competition. The doors in Standard are equipped with low threshold together with thermo-inserts, which are sunk into the concrete floor during assembly. This way a comfortable, barrier free entrance is created. The doors offer also a great wind and water resistance.



The low threshold

MB-77HS HImb_77hs_przekroj2

The high threshold

The “Lift & Slide” doors can be opened in different way depending on your necessity. Below you can see an example of opening the doors.


Scheme A


Scheme D


Scheme C


Scheme F


Scheme G2


Scheme K


Scheme A+G


Scheme D+G


Scheme C+G+G

 Doors in the MB-77HS System are available in the whole RAL color-palette, structural varnish and also wood-like colors

Product highlights

The best thermal insulation

The “Lift & Slide” door MB-77HS is very leakproof thanks to special design-connection of the frame and threshhold. The fill-in material eliminates the loss of heat. The big width of the frame and sash and the possibility of using glasspane-packets makes it possible for the door to achive amazing heat sealing properties up to Uw=0,84 W/m2K


Outstanding functionality

It’s possible to design the door up to 6 Meters of width. The door system can have from 1 to even 4 sliding sashes. Two kinds of threshhold give you the choice to customize everything to your liking. The system makes the control of room and space very simple.


Comfort of use

The Sash of the door can weight even up to 400 kg, but with the right fitting the door will feel like a feather. The sashes can be controlled manually or automatic.

beautiful kitchen view from the outside

Strength and stability

The “Slide & Lift” doors MB-77HS are very stiff and stable. Theres no need to go out of your way to find different solutions in order to make them more stable. Big surfaces for houses, apartaments or hotels can be assambled without worry. The lightning of the frame is thanks to that positively influenced and will be used as standard for all modern buildings.

Modern villa with pool, view from the garden

Ideal connection with other systems

The “Slide & Lift” doors MB-77HS connect nicely with the window-door MB-86 system. Which in result makes it simple to join and create aesthetic designs. The door can be connected with upper lightning, corner constructions or fixed glazing. The use of this system is also recommended in winter garden constructions.

mb_77hs_schematK mb_77hs_schematC

Rich colour scheme

The door MB-77HS System are available in the whole RAL color-palette, structural varnish and also wood-like colors, theres also the possibility of having different colors from both sides.



Doors in the Aluprof MB-77HS system can be manufactured in a rich color-palette.

Standard colors RAL
Special colors RAL

And all the other colors from the RAL palette

Metallic finishes
Wood-like styling