The light glass-system



The Aluprof MB-23P is a simple construction design. Windows basing on this system protect the balcony open space against the unfavourable atmospheric conditions such as: wind, rain, snow as well as dirt and noise thats why its commonly used for balcony glass enclosures. Sometimes it’s used as partition walls or shop windows. It’s based on one frame thats 45 mm of width, thats why its often used with the MB-45 system. The MB-23P system is a single-chamber system and has no thermal insulation properties. The frame lies on two rails on which the sashs with the depth of 23 mm move. This system uses only single glass panes that are most time additionally secured. Because the sashes are moving on a really simple construction they can’t weight more than 50 kg and be too tall. The MB-23P doors System are available in the whole RAL color-palette, structural varnish and also wood-like colors.



Product highlights

SImple construction and mounting

The system bases on a light frame and sash construction which makes it easy to manufacture and install.


Compatible with MB-45 system

The glass-system MB-23P has the same build as the cold window and door systemMB-45, thanks to that its really simple to connect all sorts of constructions. This opens up all the aesthetic possibilities without having to look for other solutions.


Favorable price

It’s the most favorable pricewise system, if you are looking for a smaller and simplier solution without thermal insulation properties.

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Rich colour scheme

The MB-23P door system is available in the whole RAL color-palette, structural varnish and also wood-like colors.ralkownik_profilnet


Doors in the MB-23P  system can be manufactured in a rich color-palette, including structural varnish and also wood-like colors

Standard colors RAL
Special colors RAL

And all the other colors from the RAL palette

Metallic finishes
Wood-like styling