Warm winter garden

A warm garden for everyone

Warm winter garden


This winter garden was designed for everyone who wants to use it the entire year. The basic advantage ofthis solution is the price-performance ratio. The system has good thermal insulation properties and is aesthetically pleasing. The warm winter garden was created by combining the Schilling 2100+ with the vertical walls of the Aluprof MB 70 system.

Using the Schilling 2100 roof we can manufacutre a simple to mount construction; one-or-two fall-roofs. The system is thermally well insulated on each gasket, strip to stud. His advantage is high endurance. By using aluminium profiles in the rafter and additional strengthetnings its possbile to design a roof of a large size. The walls of this winter garden are made basing on the Aluprof MB 70 window-door system. Thanks to this system we candesign the gardens walls as simple fixed glazing, windows, balcony doors, entrence doors and tilt & slide doors, an compelent to this system are also the lift & slide HS59 doors and light folding doors based on the MB-Slide system.

The ideal follow-up to each winter garden are roller-blinds, mosquito nets, shutters, pivot windows (that provide additional ventilation)LED lighthing or even self-sufficient windows that help to keep the winter garden clean.

The advantages of the Schilling roof

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Best price-perfromance ratio

The roof system is partly heated. The use of tall thermal insulation inserts allows to gain good thermal insulation properties. The support studs are additionaly thermally insulated, The most commonly used system with a thermal partition – high quality in a favorable price.

Easy mounting

The aluminium construction of the roof is simple and secure to mount, thanks to the one-part attachment to the wall and gutter.
The steel profiles are hidden inside the aluminium profiles. The surfaces made from Aluminium are smooth and easy to take care of, they are also resistent to weather conditions. Additional they can be painted using the Decoral method (Wood-like stylking) and Eloxal that beautifies the surface. The system is defined by a large range of individual roof forms with usage of different materials of different depths.

Vertical wall Aluprof system

The walls of this winter garden are designed according to the desires and needs of the users. The most imporant quality is for it to be warm, functional and easy to use. The range of possibilites will surely on one hand satisfy and other hand be cost efficient for the investor.

Window-door MB-70 system


The window-door MB-70 system is the proposed solution as  a vertical wall for the winter garden. This system achives really good thermal insulation properties thanks to its wide leaf width (up to 77 mm) and a well designed thermal insert and the possibility of using tripele-pane-packs up to 50 mm of width. Making use of the MB-70 system we can also design construcions of larger sizes. This system allows the use of fixed glazing, windows, balcony doors, entrance doors or tilt & slide window-doors. For anyone looking for a better price solution the possibility of using the vertical walls based on the Aluprof MB-59  system is available but it doesn’t have as good of thermal insulation properties.

Full MB-70 description




  • Uf from 1,0 W/m2
  • The possibility of using special thermal inserts
  • High profile endurance
  • The most common system
  • EPDM gaskets made from synthetic rubber
  • Can be designed in two different colors
  • Glazing up to 51 mm
  • The possibility of using a windows with a hidden sash

Sliding Aluprof systems

The warm winter garden has three proposed sliding system solutions. The most common solution is the tilt & slide door, based on the window-door MB-70 system. The good sides of this system is the compatibility with other walls of the winter garden, good thermal insulation, a functional tilt & slide sytem but also a really good price-performance ratio.


The second most selected solution is the MB-Slide system. It’s designed on a simple base of two frames with rails and moving leaves, that can overlap with eachother. This system can have from 2 to 6 sliding modules. It’s the easiest and most efficient solution when it comes to price-performance ratio of sliding systems that can be used in year-round winter gardens. With his use the manufacture of sliding windows and doors is possible. An important aspect are also the thermal insulation properties, which aren’t the highest which also means that in cold seasons the garden wont provide enough protection. The follow up to the MB-Slide is the window-door MB-59HS system, that also has a wide frame construction up to 50 mm and is compatible with the MB-Slide

Full MB-SLIDE system description



The third suggested solution for this winter garden type are the lift & slide Aluprof MB-59HS doors. They open up the possibility to design comfrotable and wide entrances between the garden and the house. The possibility of placing the thershold in the floor gives us a really slender looking entrance. The system has great thermal insulation properties, and can additionally be equipped with HI or ST infills. The system can also be build with 2 or 3 sliding glazes which makes for the ideal solution for a functional winter garden.


moderner wintergarten

Full MB-59HS system description


Folding doors system

This product is a great solution dedicated for use int winter gardens. His biggest advantage is the possibility of folding a couple of leaves on each side. Folding the doors entirely we recieve a wide open space making a flush connection between the garden and the house, which is especially valued in the summer seasons. The door leaves can be folded to the inside of the garden and the outside, leaving lots of space inside. The folding door system is aimed towards everyone who puts functionallity and comfort above thermal insulation properties.



Full folding doors system description

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