Warm and compactible HST system



The Lift & slide door Aluprof MB-59HS is the alternative for the MB-77HS Model and fulfills all the advanteges for HST doors. The thermal insulation capabilities are not as great as in the MB-77HS System but the system is obtainable in a more favorable price. It’s the perfect solution for vestibules to winter gardens, terraces or balconies. The MB-59HS is manufactured in frames of 120mm (2-rail profil) or 199 mm (3-rail profil), the sash is of 59 mm in depth. In the MB-59HS system its easy to use triple-glazing of 42 mm width. The system has a 3-chamber build, the middle chamber is built from a wide thermal insolution fill-in material so it futher improves the insolution propeties of the whole door. There are two thermal insulation variants available – ST and HI. The sash can weight up to 300 kg and be  2,8 m in height, which makes it possible to manufacture doors in great sizes. Due to its characteristics, the MB-59HS can be used in various types of buildings: individual buildings, hotels or apartments.


The systems frame has two types of threshold, which makes it easy to satisfy the expectations of our clients. The variant with the lower threshold makes it possible to have barrier-loss communication between the indoors and outdoors.


The lower threshold


the higher threshold

The “Lift & Slide” doors can be opened in different way depending on your necessity. Below you can see an example of opening the doors.


The Scheme A


The Scheme D


The Scheme C


The Scheme F


The Scheme G2


The Scheme K


The Scheme A+G


The Scheme D+G


The Scheme C+G+G

Product highlights

Great price-performance ratio

The MB-59HS system fulfills all the standards that HST doors need to have. It’s stable and leakproof, makes it possible to manufacture different scheme types of openings and glazing in large sizes, it’s a heat system thats available with two thresholds. Thats why the doors using this system have a great price-performance ratio.

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The MB-59 doors were designed to make the moving between your house and enviroment easy & comfortable,  they are designed in the way you want them to be- on 2 or 3- glass-rails, one lower threshold. its possible to mount a door handle with a lock and use a additional house entrance.

beautiful new apartment, view of the kitchen from the veranda


Thermal insulation

Thanks to the wide sashes of the frame and the choice of additional thermal inulation in ST or HI variants, a specially designed middle-chamber with thermal fill-material or the possibility to use triple glazing, it’s feasible to futher improve the thermal insulation properties.

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The MB-59 doors are leak-proof thanks to the special forms of the seals and use of Lift & Slide door fittings, that when closed fall down and tighten to make sure no liquid goes through.


Strength and stability

The construction of the MB-59 system makes the manufacture of doors, that greatly overtake the standard door market simple. The sashes in this system can have up to 2,8 of height and 3,3 Meters of width and weight even 300 kg. For the extent of the construction and mass of the sash a special fitting is used – that highers the comfort of use. This is used as the new trend among architects.

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Rich colour scheme

The door MB-59HS System are available in the whole RAL color-palette, structural varnish and also wood-like colors, theres also the possibility of having different colors from both sides.



Doors in the Aluprof MB-59HS system can be manufactured in a rich color-palette, including structural varnish and also wood-like colors

Standard colors RAL
Special colors RAL

And all the other colors from the RAL palette

Metallic finishes
Wood-like styling