What is a warm assembly?

It appears that the assembly is a simple thing. But thanks to it, you can keep all the technical characteristics of the finished products.

It happens quite often that after a while, we find that blows us from the windows. It appears, then, that the cold air from the outside enters the leak by means of connecting to the window frame and the wall. In this case, all the energy-saving windows don't work, because it still blows and makes it colder in the room, and we need more heat.

This is because the windows are installed and sealed only by anchors or dowels and polyurethane foam mounting that loses its properties. Although much has been said about the importance of installing windows for the final quality conscious customers and contractors is still insufficient. After that, the field of professional installation is still developing enriched with new knowledge and solutions.

Therefore, in order to meet with this situation, and taking into account the new technologies appeared on the market, so-called "warm assembly" or triple seal.

1. The outer layer, which is resistant to the weather. Effectively prevents them using special tape expansion, while letting water vapor.

2. The middle layer, which is between the window frame and the wall - is a thermal insulation. In this layer, I use the traditional polyurethane foam mounting.

3. The inner layer is 100% sealed, impervious to air or even water vapor. At this point, special flexible strip between them.

We encourage you to purchase windows with the "warm assembly" at ProfilNET. More expensive for the assembly will be quickly offset by savings on the heat. Only by buying energy-efficient windows with warm assembly you achieve the  most efficient solution.