What do you need to know when you'll select windows?

The selection of new windows for your new home is very important. Do you know which parameters and data should be taken into account when you choose windows for your home? Do you get lost in the maze of window solutions available on the market? Or maybe you are still wondering which windows will be the most suitable for your home? We will tell you, for what it is worth noting before making a final decision.

If you plan to buy new windows for your house or apartment, you have to remember that this is an investment of a few thousand euros, which will serve you for many years. Meanwhile, not all of us know on what parameters we should pay attention to select a window. We focus primarily on their appearance and proper fit to the architecture of the building. Meanwhile, the window is not only an essential part of our home furnishing, but also the protection from external factors. For this reason, you should know what parameters should be taken into account when you choose wi ndows and ask the seller before making a final decision.

1. The appropriate profile

The profile of a window is the design that keeps the glass. It consists primarily of the frame, sash and glazing. The profile is a very important part of the whole window and decides to a large extent such of its properties such as thermal insulation and acoustics. The main parameter that characterizes the window profile is a class and its width.
What should we know about the  class of  windows? First of all the fact that the woodwork is formed on the basis of PVC profiles, which can be made in various grades, for example, A. B, C, etc. The highest possible profile class is a class A. This means that the outer walls of the windows are  3 mm thick. This ensures the stability and durability of the windows, as well as greater protection against noise and temperature changes. The company ProfilNET offers also the product Gealan 6k Acrylcolor which, thanks to an additional acryl layer is called class A +.
An important parameter of each window is the width. It is generally accepted that the profile is wider that has better thermal performance. Obviously this is overly simplistic and works most cases, but not always. The company ProfilNET are used in windows profile widths of 70 to 90 mm.

2. Heat transfer coefficient of the window (Uw)

When you choose windows for your house, you should be sure to pay attention to their insulating properties. The research shows that the window can escape from 15% up to 35% of the heat. Therefore, if we want to ensure the use of home comfort at a low heating bills, we should choose energy-efficient windows.
The measurable parameter that specifies the thermals window is the Uw heat transfer coefficient, which is calculated for the whole window and announces that the  heat loss occurs through the window after installing it in the building. The mistake that  many people do are that they identifying the same heat coefficient of glass Ug value of the parameter specifying the heat around the window (Uw). Any manufacturer selling products in the European Union is obliged to declare the parameter heat of their products. The lower the ratio, the less Uw heat escaping through the windows.
Uw course itself is not able to fully provide us a heat savings. Very important is the professional installation using quality materials (see information on the so-called. Warm assembly), so that the space between the window and the walls of the house is also well insulated.

3. Fitting

It should pay attention to the model of the fitting used by the company and the standard of their equipment. The company ProfilNET uses fitting from the recognized German company Roto and Winkhaus. German precision and long-standing tradition in the production translates into a seamless and user-friendly windows operate. ProfilNET's windows are now standard equipped with 2 hooks in each wing of the anti-theft that enhance safety, microventilation, striker for sash lifting device, which makes it impossible that the sash fall out at the wrong setting of the handle.

You should ask the company ProfilNET about the "windows adapted to the function room," through which we can match the features of each window, depending on the purpose of the function room (link to hardware). This enables us to produce a window with facilities designed for rooms for a child, living room, kitchen, bathroom, room to work.

4. S teel reinforcements

They are a very important element that affects the rigidity, stability, and the durability of the windows. At ProfilNET all reinforcement of  the windows have a thickness of min. 1.5 mm and are used according to the manufacturers of window profiles. In addition, the colored profiles with a larger size have a reinforced steel form and thickness.


The above-mentioned features of the windows are only the most basic affect on the quality of the windows. In addition to those components used for the production  of the windows even more important is their connection and manufacture of the complete window, as well as professional installation.
Using a professional consultancy from the company ProfilNET you'll get a lot of information about products tailored to your needs.