Royal Terrace Door


The Royal Terrace Door are a very convenient solution for entering on your terrace. The advantage is that you have on both sides a handle and a lock allows you to get out and to lock your door, so that no one can enter into the house from the garden. It is additionally possible to open the door to the inside or to the outside. It is recommended to use this product in combination with the windows of the Royal NET series.


Product highlights: 

A good relation of the quality to the price

There is no equivalent window with respect to the parameter and the price.


The doors are equipped as standard with a low aluminum threshold with a height of 2 cm, so that you can move comfortable. The possibility of opening the door inside and outside makes it a universal solution for many spaces.



It is possible to use a handle with a lock from both sides, which allows you to close the door from the outside.



A high sash in combination with a broader reinforcement makes it possible that the door can be used for a long time.


A broad sash allows a glass package of up to 44 mm, and the warm bar Super Spacer significantly improve the thermal performance of the entire door. Another advantage to increase the thermal is the aluminum threshold with thermal break.

Super Spacer

Each ProfilNET window has as a standard glass package and the warm bar Super Spacer, which improves the thermal and acoustic properties. Furthermore, condensation on the glass is reduced, and increases the durability of the glass.






Gealan S8000, door system with a frame width of 74 mm, the height of the wing is 105 mm, the opportunity to open the door inwards and outwards. At the bottom you have a low aluminum threshold with a thermal break.


Standard glass 4/16/4 with a permeability coefficient of Ug = 1.0 W/m2K with the warm bar Super Spacer. It consists of a triple glazing 4/16/4/16/4 with a value of Ug = 0.5 W/m2K.


Roto NT with a standard lock. When the door is opened outward then additionally Dr. Hahn hinges.


Two-sided aluminum handle in white or brown.


EPDM seal, which saves the shape of the seal, in the color black or


The minimum thickness of 2.5 mm is suitable for a large steel chamber.



The standard window is produced in the color white. The windows are also produce in wood veneer form the Renolit palette or cova with the following specifications:

-color white from the inside and from the outside wood veneer

-wood veneer from the inside and from the outside

-wood veneer from the inside and from the outside white.

The Royal Terrace Door is also available in the technology Acrylcolor.



On the windows which are offered by the company ProfilNET you receive a guarantee of 1o years. A very important factor for the quality of the window is also the competence of the assembly. Our professionally trained group of assembly ensures you the quality of the assembly, according to the highest standards.


Window ProfilNET Windows assembly ProfilNET
years guarantee years guarantee


The condition to receive a guarantee is to get to know the conditions of the guarantee card as well as the assembly of the windows in accordance with the recommendations of the correct assembly or the assembly order from the company ProfilNET and their proper handling and preserving.