Ultra warm winter garden

The warmest winter garden

Ultra warm winter garden


A well-designed winter garden is a great investment. Whether it’s relaxing by yourself or spending time with your loved ones, it’s always close to mother nature and available any time of the year. The winter garden increases living space and rises the real estate value. The Schilling 1000+ winter garden system is one of the best solutions available on the market. It’s directed towards the demanding clients that value energy efficenct and modern designs. The winter garden ultra warm was based on the Schilling 1000+ and vertical wall Aluprof MB86 systems

Adopting the Schilling 1000+ roof system makes it easy to build a large construction without the need of using other steel constructions. Aditonally the roof is a insulated on each gasket thanks to specially designed thermal infill, which prevent the loss of heat. By using this system its possible to manufacture roof profiles in many shapes and froms. The vertical profiles complete the entire construction, they can be freely designed as windows, doors, tilt & slide doors or lift & slide HST doors, adjusted to the functionality and needs of the garden.

The ideal follow-up to each winter garden are roller-blinds, mosquito nets, shutters, pivot windows (that provide additional ventilation)LED lighthing or even self-sufficient windows that help to keep the winter garden clean.

Advantages of the Schilling roof


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Energy efficient

One of the most best systems available in Europe. Thanks to the use of modified thermal infills and additional inserts the thermal insulation values were brought to a high level. The perfect and tight wind load resistance is enusred by finishing profiles. It’s an insulated roof-construction system for year-round winter garden constructions that take into account modern and energy efficient solutions accepted by the German EnEV standards.

Modern design

A special feature is the modern style of the interior and exterior finishing profilies. The gutter is characterized by an aesthetic semicircular shape.

Comfort and Convenience

The isolated lifting sutds can be additionally strengthed by using steel inserts. This will allow for a more sizeable construction build of the roof. Theres the possiblity of building up to 6000 mm without the need of using additiional steel studs. A better stasis is ensured by wider gaps between the suppoorts. The construction is easy and simple to mount.

Vertical wall Aluprof system

The walls of each winter garden can be designed according to the demands and expectations of the users. The most thing for use is that the garden warm, functional and comfortable is.

Window and door MB-86 system


Window and door MB 86 system is the dedicated solution for this type of winter gardens. His biggest advantage are immense thermal insulation properties, recommended to use in engery efficient building. The system foresees the use of wide and heat efficient pane-packs and additional thermal inserts. Using the Aluprof MB86 system makes it possible to design fixed glazing, windows, balcony doors, entreance door or tilt & slide windows and doors.



  • Uf from 0,57 W/m2K
  • Leaf depth up to 86 mm
  • Standard 3-pane packets.
  • High endurance profiles
  • Wide thermal inserts in modern shapes
  • EPDM gaskets
  • The possibility of using aerosol to futher improve the thermal insolution properties

Full MB-86 system description

Tilt & lift systems

Winter gardens have two sliding systems. The most common solution is the Tilt & lift option based on the window-door MB-86 system. The advantage of this system is the compactability with other walls in the winter garden, great thermal insulation values, a functional tilt and slide system and a attractive price-perfromance ratio.



The second popular solution is the lift & slide system. Dedicated to the Ultra Warm winter gardens is the Aluprof MB-77HS system. The design of this system allows the construction of large doors up to 6 meters of width and 3 meters of height. Available in two-and-three-rail leaves thanks to which each leaf can move independently from the others. The MB 77HS system is equipped with a low threshold which allows smooth movement. The MB 77HS doors also achive good thermal insualtion properties thanks to a wide frame of 174 mm and leaf of 77 mm with specially designed thermal inserts.

moderner wintergarten

Full MB-77HS system description

Folding doors system

The product is the perfect solution dedicated for winter gardens. The biggest advantage of this one is the prospect of folding the doors in both sides. Folding the doors completely creates a lot of space and a flush connection of the house and the garden, which is especially appreciated during the hot season. The door leaves can be folded into the inside but also to the outside, thanks to this method its easy to create a lot of space without having to compromise. The door folding system is directed to people who value functionallity and comfort over thermal insulation properties.



Full folding doors system

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