Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment


The decision to buy a winter garden or roofing shouldn’t end at buying just the construction. It is worth to think about additional equippment for our winter garden, thanks to which the comfort of use will surely rise. Foremost sun protection and ventilation come to mind.

Sun protection

Winter gardens are usually placed on the sunniest side of the building. Because of that to prevent our winter garden to change into a greenhouse it’s important to provide additional sun protection barriers.

As a roof protection the most common solutions are awnings, that can be manufactured in a rich color scheme and different materials. In most cases they have a remote control but they can also automatically shut dpending on the intensivity of the sun light. Awnings complete the winter garden really well futher improving its aesthetic values.

For protection of the garden walls the most common choice are exterior facade blinds, that allow to regulate the amount of sunlight that reaches to the inside of the garden. thanks to the setting of lamella blinds in the right angel. On top of that the blind can achive a modern look, which perfectly flush with the winter garden. They can be manufactured in the same colors as the walls of the winter garden. The most popular blinds are equipped with radio engines, that can be controlled via the multifunctional remote that allows their opening, closing and adjusting. The follow up the the automatic facade blinds are solar and wind sensors, that regulate the shutters according to the weather conditions.

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Aside from awnings with success internal roller blinds are used. Their comfort of use is to tell the truth a bit lower but they are available in a more favorable price.

Additonally when buying a garden it’s good to think about the kind of panes that will be used. Notably a good choice are sunshades, that dont allow much sunlight to get through which prevent the winter garden from heating up. The panes are available in different colors that allow to integrate them to the aesthetic look of the garden or roofing.


While designing a winter garden we can’t forget of ventilation. It’s even more important because the whole construction is glazed so it’s especially exposed to the influence of weather conditions. By ordering a winter garden it’s important to keep in mind that the vertical walls should equipped with windows or doors, best on the other side, so air flow is possible.

Additonally the winter garden can be equppied with a roof window that, will escort warm air. That window can be operated manually or automatically with a remote


We should also consider the installation of diffusers that will ventillate the air by themselves depending on their type. To choose from we got pressure diffusers and hygrodiffusers.


When choosing a place for our winter garden we should think of a place where we will spent a lot of time, close to the nature.

LED lightning

When buying a winter garde its good to think of lighning, sometimes we will want to use the winter garden in the afternoon or night. When purchasing a winter garden you can order LED lighthing inside the roof construction. where the whole hardware is invisible and inside the aluminium profile. It gives off an aesthetic modern vibe thanks to the energy efficent LED technology.


Self-cleaning windows

A winter garden is cornered with glass from every side, that means that weather conditions will influence its condition. It’s worth considering the buy of glass with special self-cleaning coating, that make it harder for dirt to stay on the panes and also make cleaning easier.

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