Winkhaus duoPort SK

Opposed to windows, which are usual opened to the inside, sliding PSK doors, even these very big  don’t take much space in a flat, they are beautiful and functional. We offer duoPort SK to people, who look for light, space and comfort! Tilt-sliding hardware duoPort is the newest Winkhaus product of this type, based on the activPilot system. It allows to construct tilt-sliding windows with sash-height up to 2,7 m, width up to 2 m and weight up to 200 kg. Hardware is characterized by the largest opening width  (125 mm) of tilt sliding systems available on the market and can be used by profiles with more chambers and high coefficient of thermal isolation. It’s an important argument in a case of big panes of glass, where energy losses could be considerable.







Comfortable us

There is a hardware in a version duoPort SK-S, which is manual controlled and in a version duoPort SK-Z with comfortable control within the handle. This extra function facilitates opening and closing of even very heavy sashes. The customer can also choose 3 weight classes: for light sashes (up to 100 kg), heavy (up to 160kg) and very heavy  - up to 200 kg. Winkhaus duoPort SK permits the usage of every available type of sliding constructions. Hardware fitting is universal, you don’t need any extra straps on profiles.


In a case of large, heavy construction the security is the crucial issue. Large rollers and optimum glide performance make even heavily glazed elements slide gently and effortlessly. Mishandling-device prevents falling out of the sash from the frame by careless usage. Stability and safety of use are improved by: modified handle-hardware combination and new coupling mechanism of scissors. Hardware in the basic version is equipped with solid mushroom-head locking bolts. The duoPort SK fitting range can be very easily improved through the change of number of locking bolts. Version duoPort SK 160 ensures norms DIN V ENV 1627-1630 in the resistance class 2.