Thermal glass


The glass is one of the most important elements of each window, as far as it will contribute to the thermal and acoustic performance. Standard glass which is used in the current production of glazing windows are filled with noble gas, usually argon. T he market ioffers the most time normal one -chamber glass 4 (thick glass) / 16 bar / 4 (thick glass). Depending on the thickness of the glass, the bar and the glazing, windows reach a thermal parameter (Ug). The lower the coefficient Ug is the glass has better thermal performance.

The standard glass 4/16/4 has a heat permeability coefficient of Ug = 1.0 W/m2K.  Triple glazing receives  more and more recognition, which are characterized by the coefficient Ug within 0,7-0,5 W/m2K and the thickness of the glazing of 36-44 mm shaft.

Each glass in the company ProfilNET is in the standard equipped with the warm bar Super Spacer.