Sound-absorbing windows

When our house or apartment is located near a noisy place you should think about buying windows with better acoustic properties.
Sound-absorbing windows are constructed with a combination of glass of different thickness and with the use of damping in the space between the panes. In these windows it is possible to obtain the coefficient of sound insulation RW up to 47 dB.

What ratio Rw should our windows have?

It seems simple. This depends on the level of external noise. The higher than the RW of the window is higher. Modern windows have good sound parameters. A normal glass unit has a RW = 30 dB, and it is enough if the house is not near the road with heavy traffic. So if you live on a busy street you should change your window on Rw at least 35-38 dB.

What else about quiet windows?

When you decide to buy windows on a high level of sound insulation you should selected a noise absorbing to your needs. There is no need to believe that the change of our windows in our apartment in the center will change a lot. Unfortunately for each additional decibel you need to pay extra. Sound absorbing glass with a Rw of  37 dB can cost about 100% more than normal glass.

It isn't only the glass, that gives you a quiet window, although it occupies the largest area, but also the profile and a accurate assembly. When the room must be well protected from outside noise, the window should be fitted with special care: a combination of the  window with the jamb must be airtight. It is also important to pay attention to the shape of te window frames, the gaskets  and all  components.

At ProfilNET the standard glazing is equipped with the warm bar Super Spacer which raises the factor up to 2 dB.