Safety glass and burglar-proof glass

Safety glass is made ​​of two float glass with a thickness of 3 mm, joined by  one burglary foil. They can be used in the configuration of safety glass from the outside or from the inside, as well as windows on both sides with a safe glass. The m ain advantage is to protect from glass pieces that are created during glass shattering. Pieces of glass in this case, stick to the film. Very often they are used in windows where the windows are mounted low, or in places where children often move to have access to it.


Burglar-proof glas are built of two float glass with a thickness of 4 mm, joined by two (P2 glass) or four (P4 glass) burglar foils. It is much more resistant to heavier objects. Recommended for the use in areas particularly vulnerable to intrusion, preferably in combination with anti-burglary fittings from the WK classes. Just as safety glass it protects of glass  pieces in case of breakage.

Both windows can be used in conjunction with ornamental glass, reflective or triple glazing.