Alukon Built-in roller shutter 20°

Alukon Built-in roller shutter 20°


Alukon Built-in roller shutter 20° offers high value aesthetics, because the box is built into the facade and invisible from the outside of the building. From the outside only the lower part is visible, which makes maintenance simple and easy. The box and guides are built in such a way that they give off a vibe of safety and the aesthetic construction is gaining the roller shutter increasing popularity. The system is designed for new buildings but it can also be used in already existing ones. Futhermore it flushes with the facade creating a great thermal insulation and noise barrier.

Mounting in the window niche

The advantage of using 20 ° Built-in roller shutter is the possibility of mounting them in the window niche in such a way that the shutter can be completely invisible. The only visible part that remains is the bottom revision. This provides excellent aesthetics and is also the best thermal solution. It’s best to account for the use of 20 ° Built-in roller shutters when designing our building.



The carefully designed roller shutters and properly selected materials provide effective protection against uninvited guests.


Thermal insulation

Alukon roller shutters are excellent as an additional insulating barrier. In winter they prevent heat loss, helping to save on heating costs and in the summer they effectively cool the room, serving as a shade.

Quality warranty

Wszystkie elementy rolety, włącznie z silnikiem elektrycznym i automatyką, posiadają gwarancję, dzięki czemu nie muszą się państwo martwić o naprawę lub elementy zapasowe. Ponadto rolety chronią okna przed przeróżnymi warunkami pogodowymi i przedłużają w ten sposób ich żywotność.

hand cleaning roller shutters


Choose from either manual or electric motors, with the option of programmable time, automatic lowering when the air or sunshine pressure is high, making the roller blinds childs play to use.


Woman is turning on the blind

Rich color palette

The widest range of standard and wood-like colors available in the market, with powder coating in RAL-like colors, makes it possible to choose the color of the blinds for individual customer requirements and integration with the façade of the building. Very rich colors of aluminum armor including structural colors are an excellent complement to a very wide offer.



Specially constructed aluminum box hinges increase its strength and provide longer service life. In addition, they guarantee fast and clean service.




Standard colors

Standard for boxes and guides: White 01, Bright gray 02, Silver 08, Bronze SF 21, Gray anthracite 82

Standard for terminal strips: White 01, Silver (natural ALU) 07, Jamaican 30, Bright gray 02, Gray anthracite 82

Standard for armors: White 01, Silver (Natural ALU) 07, Bronze SF 21, Bright Gray 02, Gray Anthracit 38

Non-standard colors

Non-standard for boxes and guides: Pure White (RAL 9010), Gray Alloy (RAL 9007), Deep Black (9005), Pearl White (RAL 9001), Black Brown (RAL 8022), Brown Bronze (RAL 8017), Bronze (RAL 8007) Gray quartz (RAL 7039), gray quartz (RAL 7037), gray (RAL 7037), light gray (RAL 7035), Umbra gray (RAL 7022), black gray (RAL 7021), gray shale Gray (RAL 7004), Silver gray (RAL 7001), Brown (RAL 6768), Green fir (RAL 6009), Green moss (RAL 6005), Steel blue Ivory (RAL 1015), White (RAL 9016), Silver (RAL 9006), Gray Bronze (RAL 8019)

Standard for armors*: Pure white 10, Cream white 27, Ivory 84, Sand 35, Bright beige 04, Light gray 23, Gray aluminum 85, Quartz gray 43, Umbra-gray 94, Purple 14, Green fir 28, Green moss 13, Stalowo -blues 39, velvety brown 03

* Armor in custom colors are valued on individual request.

Wood-like colors

Wood-like colors for the box 45°**: Golden Oak

Wood-like foil inside guides and finishing stripes**: Golden oak (2178001), Walnut (2178007)

Wood-like colors for armor: Irish oak (82), Golden oak (22), Teak (12), Walnut (86), Mahogany (81)

** Roller blinds in wood-like colors are valued at the individual request.

Armor and finish strips colors - standard
Armor colors - non-standard
Armor colors - wood-like