Integrated roller shutter Exte Elite XT



The Exte Expert XT system  is characterised by the fact that the one roller shutter case allows the use both the revision of the rear-face as well as internal bottom. The internal bottom revision meets expectations of customers who want to have shutter completely built-up from the inside and outside. The advantage of a lower revision is also possibility to paint the color of the inside of the recess, and consequently the shutter  is not completely visible. On the other hand, the revision of the rear-face provides easier access to the case. This solution is often chosen by people who decide to buy windows and blinds in wood-like color on the inside.
The great advantage of the Expert XT system is small compatible roller shutter case, which allows to use case with a height of only 185 mm even with high door. 
System meets all the requirements of the EvEV 2014.

The great and important advantage of this system is possibility of using raffstores, it means fasade jalousies. Raffstores are mountetd in roller shutter casette, which can be complete built-up. In every other roller shutter, which are available on the market box is visible und mounted n the fasade. 

The advantage of this system is also possibility of using integrated mosquito for both window and door frame. Which is located between window and armour. Noteworthy is fact of possibility of installing integrated mosquito net for doors, which rolls up to the side of the guide, which is really comfortable for everyday using. 

mosquito net for windows
mosquito net for doors

The system has a lot of advantages that have been widely described in the section Product highlights.

Product highlights: 

Wide range of revisions in one box

In the system Exte Elite XT can be used any revision, front-rear, inner bottom and outer bottom, which gives unlimited possibilities. Everything is designed in a one box. No other case on the market has as many solutions.

Ability to use Raffstore integrated with roller shutter case

An undeniable feature of this system is possibility of using  Raffstore (outer facade shutter)  integrated with the case. It is increasingly popular solution used in both functional building and residential. The Elite XT allows to completely build up the shutter, and access to it is from the outside.

Plaster carriers

Roller shutter case can be completely plastered. Very helpful which such solutions are aluminium or PVC angles.

Very wide range of colors

Roller shutters can be made in virtually unlimited palette of colors, there is 130 different foils colors available, in addition in any configuration.

Quick and solid connection with window

In Exte Expert XT adapter which connects the blind and the window is dedicated to each window system, thanks to that perfectly adheres and meets all required thermal parameters. Adapter installation lies in its "tamp" on the window frame and then inserting a case on the latch ("click"). It is a great convenience and time savings.


Static connection of roller shutter with the window

A very important element in the installation built-in roller-shutters on the window is to ensure a perfect static combination thereof. It is all the more important in the wider structures. There is a perfect solution of static connection in the form of steel reinforcement between the window and the roller shutter, which allows to make a proper shutter even with significant widths.

Integrated Mosquitonet

The system Expert XT can also be mounted with integrated mosquito net for window or door, which is located between armour and window. Importantly shutters can be fitted with mosquito nets after their installation. Mosquito nets can be used with various configurations, i.e. For multi-sash windows,   or for widows plus balcony doors sets (combination of roll down window mosquito net with side door mosquito net). This is possible thanks to perfectly designed guides compatible for the entire system.

Door mosquito net in the guide

Revolutionary solution is to introduce door mosquito net, which is integrated with the side guide. It is the perfect and comfortable solution provided, for example for patio doors and balcony, with stulp also, because to leave or pick up a mosquito net you do not have to bend down, it`s enough to pull i off and move it with one hand.

Energy efficiency

Roller shutters are perfect thermal solution for buildings. Exte Expert XT meets all requirements of the standard EnEV in 2014 and it is supported by certificates.


In this type of roller shutters we can choose between PCV or aluminium PVC armour characterized by a high resistance to sunlight and  durability. 
The great advantage is also advantageous in comparison to the price of aluminium. Available in 3 colors: white, beige and gray. The offer includes 2 types of armour PVC:

  1. 37x8 mm – allows up blinds with an area of 3 m2 (max width 1.6 m), designed for small blinds.
  2. 52x14 mm - allows up blinds with an area of  4.3 m2 (max width 3.0 m).

Aluminium armour are the most popular choice on the market. Their advantage is the availability of a wider range of colors and the fact that they give an opportunity to comply with blinds of larger dimensions. The offer includes armour Alu:

  1. 39x9 mm filled with polyurethane foam –  allows to make blinds up to 6 m2 (max width 2,8 m)
  2. 45x9 mm filled with polyurethane foam – allows to make blinds up to 6,5 m2 (max width 2,9 m)
  3. 52x13 mm filled with polyurethane foam – allows to make blinds up to  8 m2 (max width 3,7 m)

Colours aluminium armour: 
Standard colors: white, brown, dark brown, gray, beige, dark beige, ivory, silver, anthracite. 
Wood colors: golden oak, walnut and mahogany. RAL colors and other wood-like  colors (optional custom) are also available.

Cases and aluminium guides

Top-mounted roller shutters Exte Exact are available in cases with the following dimensions for every kind of revision, ie. front-rear, inner bottom and outer bottom

  • 175x220 mm
  • 200x220 mm
  • 240x255 mm.

In the case of shutters Elite XT with integrated raffstore, case dimension is always 240x255 mm

Standard colors: white, anthracite 7016 05, 2065.021 mahogany, golden oak 2178 001, 2178 007 walnut, swamp oak 2052 089. 
A large group of custom colors

Facade shutters are always silver.

Roller shutter  dimensions

Top mounted roller shutter Exte Exact can be made to the amount (given dimension - window with shutter)

  • 175x220 mm - height max 1850 mm*.
  • 200x220 mm – height max 2600 mm*.
  • 240x255 mm - height max 3500 mm*.

Exte Exact with integrated raffstore can be made to the amount max. 2700 mm (given dimension - window with shutter):

*The provided dimensions include the standard armour Mini, in the case of the use of a wider armour automatically reduces the maximum possible height.


Manual driving, with:

  • cord coiler
  • grindle coiler
  • crank coiler


Electric driving:

  • basic cable control
  • cable-radio control
  • radio control
  • radio control suitable for intelligent buildings

Available colors for the cassette and the aluminium guides:

Standard: white, mahagony, hazelnut, golden oak
No standard: grey, anthracite, golden oak, hazelnut and the whole RAL colors.

Available colors for the aluminium armor

Standard: white, grey, silver, brown, cream, dark cream, anthracite, dark brown, light beige, cream white, golden oak, hazelnut, mahagony 
No standard: ivory (extra color), golden oak (extra color), light grey (extra c), basalt grey (extra color),  quartz  grey (extra color),  gray  concrete (extra color), light wood (extra color), dark wood (extra color), green (extra color), claret (extra color), steel blue (extra color), hunter green (extra color), yellow (extra color), red (extra color), RAL


Antracyt gładkiPalisanderAnthraciteCream white
CzekoladowyMahagonyWiśnia daglezjaMacore
HazelnutDąb S-TGDąb bagiennyDąb ciemny
Dąb rustykalnyOregonGolden oakIndiana
Siena rossoSiena noceWinchesterGreen
Hunter GreenSzary jasnyGray 

On the roller shutter which are offered by the company ProfilNET you receive a guarantee of 1o years. A very important factor for the quality of the window is also the competence of the assembly. Our professionally trained group of assembly ensures you the quality of the assembly, according to the highest standards.

Roller shutter ProfilNET Assembly of the roller shutter ProfilNET
years guarantee years guarantee

The condition to receive a guarantee is to get to know the conditions of the guarantee card as well as the assembly of the windows in accordance with the recommendations of the correct assembly or the assembly order from the company ProfilNET and their proper handling and preserving.