Built-on roller shutters Elegance SKP


External Aluminium roller shutter is the most versatile system. It can be used during the construction phase, as well as for buildings which are already finished or repaired (for example, when replacing windows). As a result, they do not affect the facade of the building and they don't interfere with the construction and installation of the windows. In addition, these blinds insulate the heat very well, and they are a barrier to intruders, and after partial close the room will be very well protected from sunlight and heat.
Thanks to curved shape of the bottom part of the case, lots of customers find it elegant and attractive. Cassette, armour and guides are made of painted aluminium. It can be mounted in two ways: on the facade of the building and in the niche of the window.

Installation on the facade

Cassette and guides of the roller shutter are mounted on the facade of the building, outside the niche of the window, so that the light does not obscure the hole. It is characterized by simplicity of implementation with virtually no technical limitations.

Installation in the niche of the window

Installation in the niche of the window has a major advantage in comparison to the installation on the facade because the armour and guides that are deposited in the niche of the window, partially obscure the top of the window. It allows you to reduce the cassette but it isn't recommended for low window openings.

Elegance SKP + MKT with integrated mosquito net

External Elegance SKP are also available in version with integrated mosquito net in shutter blinds case (SKP + MKT model). That is increasingly trendy and comfortable solution. In the summer mosquito net could be in use  all the time, successfully block insect access inside. Moreover, at any time it can be rolled back into case very easily. This is far more comfortable solution than popular frame shutters, which have to be installed und uninstalled at least two times a year. Moreover frame mosquito net requires extra space for storage at months they are not use, they are fragile and easy to damage. 
It is worth noting that integrated mosquito net do not disrupt general use of the roller shutter. Grey net suits well to every surrounding color.

Product highlights: 

Security - with security elements and strong roller shutters, it is definitely difficult to break-in and thy protect against burglary and vandalism. Intimacy and privacy - a high quality of the materials protect against overheating and external noises, it guarantees full confidentiality and privacy, and provides a sense of intimacy, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Thermal insulation - The Insulating foam of the armor in conjunction with the air layer formed between the roller shutter and the window protects against heat loss in the winter and coolness in the summer.

Durability - all the elements of the roller shutter, including the electric drives and automation, have a warranty of up to 60 months, so you do not have to worry about repairs and replacement parts. In addition, it protects the window from different weather conditions extending their life.

Convenience - Manual and electric motors are available, control with timer programming, automatic twilight and wind and solar make  the use of the roller shutters easy and convenient.

A wide range of colors - a wide range of standard colors and wood veneers, as well as the possibility of powder coating from the RAL color palette allows you to adjust the color of the roller shutter to individual requirements and fully integrate it into any elevation.


Standard armour ALU 39 thickness of 9 mm. Armours are available in 55 mm height.  Armours filled by polyurethane foam.

Colors of armour and bottom beam:
Standard colors:  white 9016, grey 7038, silver 9006, Brown 8014, dark brown 8019, anthracite7016, light beige, dark beige, white cream,
Wood-like colors: gold oak, walnut, mahogany, bog oak, winchester
Available also in every RAL color ( custom option )

Cases and aluminium guides

Elegance SKP roller shutter cases are available in following dimensions:

  • 137 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 165 mm
  • 180 mm
  • 205 mm

Available types of guides:

  • HTF 53 mm
  • LHTF (angle 53 mm)
  • MHTF (double 80 mm)
  • HTF MKT (for mosquito net  53 mm)

Standard colors: white 9016, grey 7038, silver 9006, dark brown 8019, brown 8014
Wood-like colors: gold oak,  walnut 
Available also in every RAL color ( custom option )

Shutters dimensions

External roller shutter Classic SK:
max. width: 3900 mm
max. height: 4320 mm
max. shutter surface: 8,0 m2

External roller shutter Classic SK + MKT ( with integrated mosquito net )
Max. width 2000 mm (min. 550 mm)
Max. height 2500 mm


Manual driving, with:
•    cord coiler
•    grindle coiler
•    crank coiler

Electric driving:
•    basic cable control
•    cable-radio control
•    radio control
•    radio control suitable for intelligent buildings

Selection table for roller shutters case of the shutter dimension:

 External roller shutter Elegance SKPExternal roller shutter Elegance SKP + MKT ( with integrated mosquito net )
Case⌀ 40⌀ 50⌀ 40⌀ 50
1371600mm1440mmnicht verfügbarnicht verfügbar
1501990mm1800mmnicht verfügbarnicht verfügbar

Available colors of the cassette  and guides:

Standard: white  and brown
No standard color: grey,  anthracite,  golden oak, walnut, and all  RAL  colors

Available colors  of the aluminum  armor:


On the roller shutter which are offered by the company ProfilNET you receive a guarantee of 1o years. A very important factor for the quality of the window is also the competence of the assembly. Our professionally trained group of assembly ensures you the quality of the assembly, according to the highest standards.

Roller shutter ProfilNET assembly of the roller shutter ProfilNET
years guarantee years guarantee


The condition to receive a guarantee is to get to know the conditions of the guarantee card as well as the assembly of the windows in accordance with the recommendations of the correct assembly or the assembly order from the company ProfilNET and their proper handling and preserving.