Schüco Thermoslide HST

Perfect combination of two spaces

Schüco Thermoslide HST

Product charateristic

The Schüco Thermoslide HST doors are without a doubt the best HST doors. First of all they have the best thermal insulation parameters on the level of Uw=0,8 W/m2K, which is a head above the competition. The doors are equipped with specially designed low aluminium thresholds with three thermal wedges, that secure the door from thermal bridges in the lower part of the frame. The doors are manufactured in the widest frame on the market up to 219 cm in width and a construction of 82 mm. Aside from that, in the ThermoSlide system the problem with tightness that occurs in so many sliding doors has been completely eliminated, thanks to the design of the sash that overlaps into the frame and is tightened with 4 gaskets. The door was designed in such a way that even constructions up to 6,5 meters in width is possible. The Thermoslide doors have the richest color palette on the market together with the unique Automotive metalic Finish.


The Lift & Slide doors can be opened in different ways, depending on the needs and ease of use. Examples below:


Scheme A


Scheme C

Advantages of the system

Great thermal insulation

The best HST door on the market. The thermal insulation propeties amount to  Uw=0,8 W/m2K.

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Tightness and acoustics

The door system has a unique sash that goes inside the frame and is tightened in 4 places with gaskets. That secures perfect tightness and acoustic insulation of the door


Additonal insulation

The standard Thermoslide door is equipped with a low aluminium threshold with 3 thermal wedges. Which limits the possiblity of a thermal bridge in the lower part of the frame. Additonaly around the whole circuit of the frame an aluminium reinforcement with a thermal insert has been situated


Stability of the construction

The widest frame on the market, 219 mm and a construction sash of 82 mm, equipped with stiff reinforcements, that allow the door to be manufactured up to 6,5 meters of width.


AutomotiveFinsh Colors

The unique use of special foil adapted fromt the automotive industry increases the enudrance and resistance to scartches. The rich metallic color palette is ideal for modern architectural trends. Up to 12 standard colors that the outisde frame can be painted with.


Rich color scheme

Schüco brand windows have the largest color scheme available on the market.


Color scheme

A standard door is manufactured in white(Inside and outside). Wood-like veneer and metalic varnish (AutomotiveFinish techonlogy) can be used. Windows in wood-like veneer are avaiable in the following variants:

  • White inside, wood-like veneer on the outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside and outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside, white on the outside

Standard colors
Non-standard colors