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Schüco LivIng


The Schüco LivIng window was designed to the smallest details. It’s characterized by great thermal insulation parameters. The window can have triple glazing of Ug=0,5 W/m2K in value, this method will make the thermal conductivity of the window go to  Uw=0,72 W/m2K, which means its classified to use in passive buildings. The construction has a 7-chamber frame and sash, the hardware width of 82 mm and a low triple glazing equipped with warm Swiss Spacer frame edges. Additionally the window is the only one on the market that has thermal EPDM gaskets, that make the window tight, secure and ideally finished on its corners. A note worthy aspect is the widest color scheme on the market with unique metalic AutomotiveFinish.


Advantages of the system

Excellent thermal insulation

The window thanks to its built has great thermal insulation properties. The acquired result of thermal insulation of Uw=0,72 W/m2k means that this system can be with success used in passive buildings.

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Durability and tightness

The window is the only on the market that has specially designed thermal EPDM gaskets with shape memory. The material used and the way the edges are connected makes the window perfectly tight and even after 15 years the gaskets still keep 85% of their prior parameters. For comparison, other gaskets after that time keep only 15% of their values.


AutomotiveFinsh Colors

The unique use of special foil adapted fromt the automotive industry increases the enudrance and resistance to scartches. The rich metallic color palette is ideal for modern architectural trends. Up to 12 standard colors that the outisde frame can be painted with.


The design of the handles

Standard LivIn windows are equipped with Akustik Schüco brand handles, that feature a unique design, colors and ease of use.



A rich color scheme

Schüco brand windows have the largest color scheme of veneer available on the market. Standard LivIng windows are manufactured in 7 colors.



The simple outline of the frame, the sash, the bar, the low set gaskets, and above all the ideally finished invisible connection in the corner make the LivIng window one of the most modern windows of our times.

Modern house with pool and garden, summer time

Product features


Schüco LivIng ,

  • 7-chamber system,
  • construction width 82 mm,
  • double AD gaskets on the inside and one MD gasket in the center
  • simple shape of the frame and sash from the outisde

In terms of thermal insulation:

  • Standard triple 4/18/4/18/4 glazing with warm Swiss Spacer frames amounts to Ug=0,5 W/m2K.
  • To avoid the making of a thermal bridge the glazing is set really low in the frame.

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For this model is the Activ Pilot fitting from the German company Winkhaus used, equipped with anti-theft pillows around the whole frame that you can regulate depending on the time of the year. Additonally the window has anti-theft latches, a hoist, microventilation and a locking handle. The possibility to also add other fitting solutions that will rise the functions and ease of use.

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Schüco model Akustic handles in 4 standard colors: white, silver, bronze and old-gold.

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Unique thermal EPDM gaskets with shape memory are used. Gaskets available in gray and black.


  • A standard window is manufactured in white(Inside and outside). Wood-like veneer and metalic varnish (AutomotiveFinish techonlogy) can be used. Windows in wood-like veneer are avaiable in the following variants:

    • White inside, wood-like veneer on the outside
    • Wood-like veneer inside and outside
    • Wood-like veneer inside, white on the outside

AutomotiveFinish windows technology only allows to paint as follows: color on the outside, white inside. Below the available colors: