Tilt & Slide Salamander doors

Modern functionality

Tilt & Slide Salamander doors


Tilt & Slide Salamander doors are a popular gaining solution used as a terrace entrance. The Tilt & Slide doors don’t take up a lot of space inside the room and can be opened in any way. A big surface space is offered by the modern design that make the door one of the most common choices used in progressive building. In comparison to HST doors this model has a favorable price and is gaining popularity among our customers

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The Tile & Slide doors can be opened in different ways depending on the need and ease of use. Examples below.


Scheme A


Scheme C



The advantages of the system


The doors dont take up a lot of space inside the room, They are easy to use, even more so when a automatic fitting is used, that even a child can handle without issues. The doors are extremely stable and thats why they can be opened in any kind of way. The construction is highly resistent to wind load.


Great price-performance ratio

The Tilt & Slide Salamander doors are a great price alternative compared to HST doors.

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Thermal insulation

This system is the warmest solution available among sliding doors on the market. The systems, windows sash that can be moved to the sides offer high thermal and accustic insulation parameters. Like all Salamander series products also here the enlarged glazing pack up to 44 mm can be used.

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Handles from both sides with locks can be mounted, this highers the safety of the doors.

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Standard sliding doors are manufactured in white. Wood-like veneer can be picked from the  Renolit or Cova pallete available in the following types:

  • White inside, wood-like veneer on the outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside and outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside, white on the outside

Standard colors
Non-standard colors