Salamander VIP Soft

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Salamander VIP Soft


The Salamander VIP window is a tested product that has been on the market for many years. A 5-chamber profile with the frame width up to 73 mm. Additionally the Salamander brand guarantees high end material. The windows have the possibility of using wide, triple-pane packs up to 44 mm in width that positively influence the thermal insulation properties. A rich color scheme guarantees that you will find at least one color that matches your taste. A Soft type window is in standard equipped with a round sash

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White inside and outside
White inside, Wood-like veneer outside
Wood-like veneer inside and outside

Product highlights


The window has been produced for many years and despite the passage of time, it’s still gladly bought, thanks to the advantages that it brings to users on a daily basis.

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Great thermal conductivity properties of the whole window, even in the standard version the values dont exceed the coefficent of Uw=1,2 W/m2K. A wide range of possibilites when it comes to the use glazing (up to 44 mm) significantly improves the thermal insulation values of the window.close up of man hands touching tablet pc screen

The Salamander brand

The recognized product brand, emphasizes the excellent quality of the material used.


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Great price-performance ratio

Compared to other windows with similar values, the system is second to none when taking into account the price-performance ratio.

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A rich color scheme

A rich color scheme is available while placing an order for wood-like veneer.


Easy maintenance and care

Thanks to the smooth surface, the cleaning of the profile becomes child’s play.

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This product is compatible with other window and door systems.

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High end materials are used by the manufacture of windows in order to ensure the ease of use. The wide range of available solutions for the fitting enables us to manufacture windows perfectly fitt for every room.


Product features


Salamander VIP AD, 5-chamber profile, up to 73 mm depth, simple look of the frame and round sash from the inside.


Standard 4/16/4  glazing with a thermal conductivity ratio of Ug=1,0 W/m2K. The possibility of using the 4/16/4/16/4 glazing and achiving the thermal conductivity level of Ug=0,5 W/m2K. All glasspanes are equipped in standard with warm frame edges that significantly improve the thermal and aesthetic effects of the window.

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For this model is the Activ Pilot fitting from the German company Winkhaus used, equipped with anti-theft pillows around the whole frame that you can regulate depending on the time of the year. Additonally the window has anti-theft latches, a hoist, microventilation and a locking handle. The possibility to also add other fitting solution that will rise the functions and ease of use.

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Aluminium handles in white or bronze. Other handles can be choosen.

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The double AD gasket system. Gaskets available in gray or black.


A standard window is manufactured in white. Wood-like veneer can be picked from the  Renolit or Cova pallete available in the following types:

  • White inside, wood-like veneer on the outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside and outside
  • Wood-like veneer inside, white on the outside

Standard colors
Non-standard colors